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10 October 2009

The Home Stretch

Well we are finally in the home stretch, the third trimester!

As of the last ultrasound, my due date might be changed slightly. December 31st is still the official due date, but baby had measured for a December 25th due date! So we may have this little one a little closer to Christmas!

We still do not have an official move date, but J is FINALLY out of night flights and onto day tactical, of which there are 5 total. J completed one the week before last and one last week, so he has 3 left total. As of this entry, he is only scheduled to fly once next week. So we could potentially move next weekend, or it could be another 3 weeks. Who knows!

We were able to confirm that we will have a house on base for sure once we get to Minot, which is wonderful news. And they have promised that we will be in one by the end of November, 3 weeks before this one is due. So, although it's all moving a little slower than I would like, it's falling into place!

I had an appointment on Thursday and all is looking good with me and the baby! I hope everyone is doing well!


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