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28 October 2011

Project 52 | Understanding | Week 43

Motherhood is


I remember people saying, oh, you'll understand once you're a mother.

So true.

I now understand the decision and choices my parents made.

And I am so much more thankful for them than ever before.

Jarvis has the best grandparents ever. All of them!

I am single parenting for 10 days. Normally this wouldn't faze me, but as I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins, and my toddler weighs a hefty 30lbs and still needs quite a bit of assistance, my awesome mom came up to help for a few days. So thankful!

Gammie is taking care of the all the 'yucky' pumpkin carving duties that this little boy kept fussing over. I love their faces in this!!

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21 October 2011

doubles, doubles, doubles....

Everything in our house is doubling, and it makes me so excited!!

This week, we had the second car seat and crib come in, and next week my new diaper bag, more fuzzibunz cloth diapers, and the triple stroller will arrive!! Thanks for the gifts everyone!!

Double the car seats!!

I've finished up baby girl's bedding, and just need to finish baby boy's bumpers, but most of the necessities are all ready! (pictures to come once it's all together!)

There are still lots of little things we need, but I am feeling like I can breathe more knowing we have the big stuff! And I am getting as much sewing done, just in case I end up on bed rest (which I have no reason to suspect right now). 

Twins are double the fun!!

20 October 2011

Project 52 | Swift | Week 42

Motherhood is


First they're a week old, then a month, then years.

Before you know it they are little people.

With personalities all their own, full of endearing (and frustrating) characteristics.

They grow so fast.

Every day, the belly is just a bit bigger, and the twins are just a little bit stronger.

All my babies are growing so well. I am so blessed.

But I can't help but wish time would slow down, just a little bit.

A day shy of 23 weeks. 
But measuring in at about 31 weeks (and boy, do I feel it!)


15 October 2011

Project 52 | Military | Week 41

Motherhood is


At least my version of it is. 

And that means a remote base, sacrifice, long unpredictable work hours, 

and having to single parent more than I (or he) would like.

It also means loyal, deep friendships with women who really get you,

despite the knowledge that they will move, and sooner than you wish.

(stand-out print of photo taken by Stacy VanDyck Photography)

One of these ladies and her 3 sweet children have already moved on to a new AF adventure in Colorado this past summer. I take another and her 3 kids to the airport today. They are on their way to England.

These kids are Jarvis' best friends. The first names he learned to say. The kids that he gets so excited to see that he runs around cackling like a dolphin. These ladies are a HUGE part of the reason I have survived and grown the past year and a half. They are the ones I trust the most to watch Jarvis. And they are the ones he never cries with. And I'm pretty sure snuggling that little baby up there for an entire weekend is the reason I hyper-ovulated and am having twins. 

The military is often not a very friendly environment. We move often, husbands work long, very unpredictable hours. Your husband's career is the focus of your life. From where you live, to how long, to how big of a house, to your monthly budget, it's all determined by the rank they wear and the job they do. We sacrifice often for their jobs, for his chance to live his dream.

But what we get back in the bargain, it's completely worth it. 

Military wives are a different breed. They are loving, and supportive. welcoming and open-hearted. They know exactly what it's like to have your husband deploy and leave you with 3 children 2 and under. They know. And because they know, they support. Because someday, that will be them, and someone else will step up and help them.

I am blessed to be a part of this group. This amazing community of women here in Minot. And today, saying goodbye to one of them and kids that I know like my own, I'm sad. But I know it's not goodbye. It's just a really good reason to visit England for the first time! 

We will miss you, Baileys. Best of luck across the pond!

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13 October 2011

this much [21 mos]

I get so behind on this... a week behind to be exact. But here it is. 

He turned 21 months last week. That seems SO close to 24 months, 2 years. But it's funny, the twins will be here by the end of January, and that seems so far away. Funny how time is perspective.

21 months. And 21 weeks 5 days. My babies.

It's getting harder and harder to pick him up, and hold his heavy little body. But he's still a baby in so many ways. 

He's talking in phrases now, connecting thoughts and expressing his feelings. He weighs in at 25lbs 7oz and uses a fork and spoon like a pro. He's still an awesome eater and sleeps 12 hours at night, with a one to two hour nap. He's getting better about us leaving him in daycare settings (bible study and church). 

He still wakes up every morning and nap asking for dada. The puppy is his BEST friend and must be released from the crate first thing every morning.  He is getting more and more gentle with the kitty and is getting to pet her more often. He loves kissing and hugging the 'babies' and thinks all their 'gear' is pretty awesome. 

Dada gave him his first taste of soda, and now he opens his mouth like a baby bird anytime he sees one of my drinks.

Sharing is still a challenge for us. Especially since playgroups are usually at his house and they are HIS toys. 

He's wonderful.

Linking up with styleberry for her *this much* project.

anecdotal | randomness

Today, I bring you randomness in order to avoid the chores around the house.

1. Hubby comes home for lunch a couple times a week. This is usually during bitty's nap time (12-2). Hubby eats, and heads back to work before nap time ends. I like getting to see him, even if it's just for a bit. But it NEVER fails, bitty wakes up within MINUTES of hubby leaving. no. matter. when. it. is. I've decided he goes and knocks on bitty's window before he pulls away. Hubby did not come home for lunch today. It's after 2 and bitty is still sleeping. I've decided I no longer like hubby coming home for lunch. Precious, precious nap time.

2. It's so very warm in ND. Nearly the middle of October and it's 63 degrees. I'm expecting a blizzard within weeks. North Dakota, you are being very bipolar this year. How crazy would it be if we went trick or treating withOUT snow on the ground??  I know, not possible....

3. I can't decide on a car seat. Mostly because I can't decide on a pattern. I'm so very picky.

4. I want to buy a crib. LIKE NOW. Despite the fact the twins will be sharing a crib for a while, I am being eaten up with the need to have a crib and crib bedding set up for each of them. The fabric for said crib bedding is still sitting on my cutting table untouched. Hmmm. 

5. There are several loads of very pink laundry folded and sitting on the couch right now. Strange. But really fun...

6. I have no idea how to get said LOADS of pink laundry to fit in one small dresser with several more loads of neutral and boy ones. Or how to organize it in a 'hubby-proof' manor. Which is why the nursery has sat untouched for 2 weeks. I'm currently stumped. Time to browse pinterest for ideas.

7. Speaking of pinterest- meet the biggest-time-suck/most-awesome-idea-place-ever. Um, seriously. it rocks. My boards are overflowing, but I am feeling the creative juices. Awesome.

8. Running a household is A.LOT of work. Especially when 2 out of 5 members only contribute mounds of hair, and when a 3rd is like a toy tornado. How DO those bathrooms get so dirty with only adults using them?? I'm blaming the hubby. Although I will admit the kitchen is a joint effort. I strongly dislike cooking/dishes and I minimize my time in the kitchen as much as possible. 

9. Speaking of the kitchen. I currently eat more than I ever have in my life. Like ever. I eat alot. And I fully expect this amount to increase. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's a hassle (since I often get out of bed in the middle of the night ONLY to eat). And yet, only 10lbs at almost 6 months pregnant with twins. Seriously?? Where is this belly coming from? And WHERE does all that food go???

10. I calculated out 4 weeks of disposables for the twins vs 4 weeks of buying/using extra small Fuzzibunz until they are even big enough for the one-size. Ummmm ouch. Either way. Trying to decide if giant one-size Fuzzibunz are a better choice, lol. 

11. Even with the cost of the 42 one-size Fuzzibunz I *think* we will need to diaper 3 bums, we will still be saving over $5,500 on diapers for the three of them. Seriously awesome. I love cloth bums!

12. I am debating on making my own winter car seat cover. I just can't decide whether to do a tent style like this (except lined and maybe with a bit of elastic to hold it in place from the ND winds) or to make mimic of the JJ Cole.... because they will need something to protect them from the cold. NOT the Bundle Me because it goes behind the car seat straps, which isn't safe. These would all be on the front face of the seat and not interfere with the straps at all.

That's probably enough randomness. Hope you enjoyed it, haha!

12 October 2011

The BIG one | The Twins

So we had our 'big' 20 week anatomy ultrasound yesterday and both twins looked great! I'll share the pictures and then some more information.

*This is really more for family who want ALL the information, but anyone is free to read-along. Don't say I didn't warn you if you get bored!!

Baby A, looking like an alien...

Baby A profile

Baby A, more alien like...

And we confirmed gender- Baby A is a GIRL :)

Baby A's foot

Baby A's arm and hand

Baby B is BOY (we've had this confirmed at every in office visit, haha, it's very obvious!)

Baby B looking all alien-like too...

Baby B Profile (what looks like bubbles are actually his hand and arm, just in a bit different plane)

Baby B, foot

Baby B arm/hand

Baby B thumb sucking

Both twins! This was nearly impossible to get, because their little heads are about as far apart as they can get. They are head to toe, Baby A's head is in the lower left side, and Baby B's head is in the upper right (in the ultrasound, and actually physically)

They were VERY active little buggers! Baby girl A flipped head up, head down, 4 times total during her scan, and Baby boy B was rolling all around. I can now differentiate between them easily, since they are very obviously at the top and bottom. Baby A likes to kick my round ligaments and make my hips ache, and Baby B is trying to grab ahold of  my ribs. It's so wonderful to feel them move so much, especially since I can still sleep through all the movement, haha! I imagine the day is coming in which I won't be able to sleep so easily!

Baby A measured in at 11 oz and her heartbeat was 138.
Baby B measured in at 14 oz and his heartbeat was 132.

They are both in the normal expected weight range for 21-weekers, about 3/4ths of a pound. The weight difference is not concerning at this point in time, because they have separate placentas and are not directly competing for nutrition from the same direct blood source. There is some competition for nutrients, and it's not surprising that Baby B, boy is weighing in a bit heavier, as boys typically do in utero. Both of their heartbeats are in normal ranges.

All organs and everything were accounted for and looked great! Both had 4 chamber hearts, 3 vessel cords, small nuchal folds, normal sized heads and stomachs, etc, etc. Both placentas looked good and Baby A's has moved up and away from my cervix, which is excellent news because placenta previa is NOT something we want to have to deal with!

Both ultrasound techs (yes we had two) said that the membrane between the babies was the most definitive they had ever seen, and that the membrane and the different genders made the whole ultrasound so much easier because they didn't lose track of which baby was which. (I'm not sure why the membrane is so definitive- OB/nurse friends, any idea why?)

Overall they looked wonderful. It was such a balm to my heart to go in there and come out with smiles and a disk full of pictures. It ended so differently last time, and I am SO aware of how blessed we are to have not one, but TWO healthy, sweet babies growing. I can't wait to meet them!

Jarvis spent the whole time pointing at the screen saying, babies, babies, and gently patting my head to 'comfort' me. Such a sweetheart. I was not able to spend more than 15 minutes on my back with out getting light-headed, which is earlier than I am used to! That's alot more combined baby weight laying on my arteries and vessels! We spent most the ultrasound on my side.

I am *rapidly* getting larger and larger and having to deal with more symptoms, but overall I am feeling pretty good! I am majorly 'nesting' and just about every where in the house is organized! I've spent the past two days sorting and folding baby clothes and getting the nursery organized.

My goal is to be 100% baby ready by the middle of November. My chances of bed-rest go up then, and I know I will want everything done my way, haha, so I'm doing it now! Plus, even if they stay in the NICU for a couple of weeks or more, I don't want to worry about finishing getting things ready at home, I want to be able to spend that time with them. 

I can not even express how thrilled we are and just how excited we are to have these sweet babies in our lives.

07 October 2011

Project 52 | Worry | Week 40

Motherhood is


Because we can't control everything.

Sometimes they get sick and you do what you can to make them comfortable.

But it doesn't always work.

And this mama's heart can't help but worry a little.

(we are off to the doctor this afternoon) 

This sweet boy has hives. Did you really want to see a picture of them? Probably not, but he still too cute not to post it. (Plus, at least you can only see his face, it's even worse on his body...)

He's had them for over 24 hours and despite constant benadryl, he's still getting new hives constantly. At first I didn't worry too much, because he was breathing fine, and I got unexplained hives often as a child. As long as he was on benadryl, he didn't seem to mind them one bit. A bit itchy, but he's basically his sweet old self, which is amazing to me, hives are annoying!

But now it seems even the bendaryl doses aren't containing the hives at all. So, my ever reluctant, 'don't want to go to the doctor' husband, agreed we should take him in. We'll get him checked out this afternoon and hopefully get something in him to stop the cycle. The big question is, what's causing it??

I know with hives it could be anything from something in the air to something on his skin or something he ingested. It can even be from a bug bite or stress. But really, he's only 21 months, what kind of stress does a 1-year-old have?? We've changed absolutely nothing about his food, laundry, or anything. My guess it's something in the air thanks to the strong southern winds we have been getting. But we'll see.

For now, it makes my heart hurt a bit every time I look at him, because he looks so miserable. But he's not acting it! Prayers for healing, please, and for wisdom for the doctor to figure out what it is/what to do!

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05 October 2011

Pumpkin Patch | Fall

This past weekend, we headed to a local pumpkin patch for some fall fun with a group of friends. Unfortunately, the pumpkin patch we went to last year flooded in our big summer flood, so we had to find another one. Our friends arranged for a private evening at this adorable little patch with pumpkin, hayrides, apple cupcakes, cider, and a bonfire. It was such a fun, relaxing night!

Jace spent most of the time checking out their extensive garden and saying, I want to do this someday, haha...

Just for fun, him this year, and last year :)


With Dylan, his buddy who is moving to England in 10 days....

Man hug with Dereck (Dylan's brother)

Mama, mama, mama, a TRACTOR!!!

Getting a little apprehensive about actually riding behind the tractor....

My boys!

Family shot!

And a few shots taken by Stacy of Stacy VanDyck Photography:

 love this one!

Happy Fall Y'all!!