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13 October 2011

anecdotal | randomness

Today, I bring you randomness in order to avoid the chores around the house.

1. Hubby comes home for lunch a couple times a week. This is usually during bitty's nap time (12-2). Hubby eats, and heads back to work before nap time ends. I like getting to see him, even if it's just for a bit. But it NEVER fails, bitty wakes up within MINUTES of hubby leaving. no. matter. when. it. is. I've decided he goes and knocks on bitty's window before he pulls away. Hubby did not come home for lunch today. It's after 2 and bitty is still sleeping. I've decided I no longer like hubby coming home for lunch. Precious, precious nap time.

2. It's so very warm in ND. Nearly the middle of October and it's 63 degrees. I'm expecting a blizzard within weeks. North Dakota, you are being very bipolar this year. How crazy would it be if we went trick or treating withOUT snow on the ground??  I know, not possible....

3. I can't decide on a car seat. Mostly because I can't decide on a pattern. I'm so very picky.

4. I want to buy a crib. LIKE NOW. Despite the fact the twins will be sharing a crib for a while, I am being eaten up with the need to have a crib and crib bedding set up for each of them. The fabric for said crib bedding is still sitting on my cutting table untouched. Hmmm. 

5. There are several loads of very pink laundry folded and sitting on the couch right now. Strange. But really fun...

6. I have no idea how to get said LOADS of pink laundry to fit in one small dresser with several more loads of neutral and boy ones. Or how to organize it in a 'hubby-proof' manor. Which is why the nursery has sat untouched for 2 weeks. I'm currently stumped. Time to browse pinterest for ideas.

7. Speaking of pinterest- meet the biggest-time-suck/most-awesome-idea-place-ever. Um, seriously. it rocks. My boards are overflowing, but I am feeling the creative juices. Awesome.

8. Running a household is A.LOT of work. Especially when 2 out of 5 members only contribute mounds of hair, and when a 3rd is like a toy tornado. How DO those bathrooms get so dirty with only adults using them?? I'm blaming the hubby. Although I will admit the kitchen is a joint effort. I strongly dislike cooking/dishes and I minimize my time in the kitchen as much as possible. 

9. Speaking of the kitchen. I currently eat more than I ever have in my life. Like ever. I eat alot. And I fully expect this amount to increase. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's a hassle (since I often get out of bed in the middle of the night ONLY to eat). And yet, only 10lbs at almost 6 months pregnant with twins. Seriously?? Where is this belly coming from? And WHERE does all that food go???

10. I calculated out 4 weeks of disposables for the twins vs 4 weeks of buying/using extra small Fuzzibunz until they are even big enough for the one-size. Ummmm ouch. Either way. Trying to decide if giant one-size Fuzzibunz are a better choice, lol. 

11. Even with the cost of the 42 one-size Fuzzibunz I *think* we will need to diaper 3 bums, we will still be saving over $5,500 on diapers for the three of them. Seriously awesome. I love cloth bums!

12. I am debating on making my own winter car seat cover. I just can't decide whether to do a tent style like this (except lined and maybe with a bit of elastic to hold it in place from the ND winds) or to make mimic of the JJ Cole.... because they will need something to protect them from the cold. NOT the Bundle Me because it goes behind the car seat straps, which isn't safe. These would all be on the front face of the seat and not interfere with the straps at all.

That's probably enough randomness. Hope you enjoyed it, haha!

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