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28 November 2011

DIY | Play Workbench *MEASUREMENTS*

 Oh my. I have apparently not been getting notifications for comments on all of my posts. Somehow I missed over 20 comments on the DIY Play Workbench post asking for measurements. I'm so sorry! I emailed those that left emails and I will add a link to this post on there as well! I think this is going around on Pinterest, so I will post it there too!

Hubby drew up a little diagram with measurements (he's so handy!) Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be sure to check the comments on this post! haha!

Happy crafting! 

27 November 2011

Project 52 | Motivating | Week 47

Motherhood is


There is nothing like impending new life to get you motivated...

The name of the game is to be as ahead as possible right now.

Because these babies are quickly running out of space,

and this mama is quickly running out of steam.

Seriously, this belly is out.of.control.

I'm a little over 28 weeks today, and although that seems like a long way to go, the reality is that these sweet babies could come any day now. I have about 6 weeks to go until I hit the 'average' for twins, and 9 or 10 before a scheduled c-section. 

However, physically, I feel much, much closer. This pregnancy has made me realize just how easy my pregnancy with Jarvis really was. I mean, I know I am carrying double the babies, but somedays it feels like there are at least 4 of them in there. And everyday I lose the ability to do yet another thing for myself.

I think this has been the hardest part for me. I am independent. I pride myself on being able to do it myself and take care of business. Being unable to easily lift my son, or even give him a bath is very humbling. My face starts going numb if I bend over for more than a couple of seconds, and my legs go numb if I stand for more than a minute. Basically, I have learned to wait on the hubby to be home. He's great about it, but it can be very humbling.

I can not even imagine what it will feel/be like in another 6 weeks, but I am determined to keep them in as LONG as possible. Even if that means I sit around like a lazy bum all day! 

Oh, and Jarvis is getting very good at helping mama put on her boots!

 (my toes are long gone!)

24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! | 2011

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have so much to be thankful for this year! We are spending a quiet morning here at home, and then joining some of our military family for a feast this afternoon! We hope you all have a wonderful day!

Jarvis with his 'gobble, gobble.'

22 November 2011

28 weeks (about)

Well, like I mentioned two posts ago, it's been a crazy couple of weeks for the twins, and we have actually had 2 ultrasounds! No images, but I have some stats on their growth! We will be 28 in weeks in 2 days, so I am just recording this as 28 weeks.

21 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 11 oz ( 3rd percentile)
Baby Boy B: 14 oz (32nd percentile)

26 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 1lb 10oz (24th percentile)
Baby Boy B: 2lbs 1oz (53rd percentile)

28 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 1lb 14 oz (14th percentile)
Baby Boy B: 2lbs 6 oz (34th percentile)

At 26 weeks I weighed in at 165- a whopping 30lb gain, which is more than I EVER gained with Jarvis at overdue! However that next week I got a stomach bug and lost 5 lbs, which probably accounts for the slightly slower growth of the babies over the past 2 weeks. They look good though, both transverse (across) my belly with baby girl on the bottom and baby boy on the top. They are still head to bum. 

And, a new picture (for future notice I will not wear a white shirt in front of a white bed, lol...

I am definately getting more uncomfortable by the day, but I am still able to do most daily things. I now wash dishes facing sideways, lol, but we are all doing fine! 

On average, twins come at 35 weeks, which is a very short 7 weeks away! (and that's on average, which means half come earlier!!) My goal is still 37 weeks, and for now, we have no reason to think I won't make it! Here's to keeping those babies cooking!

21 November 2011

Project 52 | Time | Week 46

Motherhood is


Good times, busy times, hard times, relaxing times...

But the best time is family time,

no matter what we are doing,

it's always better together.

Yes, that is my husband grinding venison he shot himself. And yes, my 1-year old found it completely fascinating. I love them...

My favorite days are the ones spent at home, just the three of us. We are looking forward to a 4 day weekend and plenty of family time!!

18 November 2011

Project 52 | Sickly (again) | Week 45

Motherhood is

sickly (again).

Because anything he gets, mama and dada get.

And after a week of stomach bugs (with mama getting it the worst)

we needed some fun.

Enter in our first blizzard of the season, 

and our snow baby was thrilled to go out and play in the 'SNO!'

Apparently I am a week behind on this, I think it got lost somewhere between my two ER visits in the past week... don't worry, we are all fine and the babies are fine. The first visit was to confirm that I was indeed having contractions every 2-3 minutes, but they are not progressing labor, so we are fine. I still have them and they come and go on their own no matter what I do, but once again, I am NOT in labor, so we are all fine! The second visit was due to the stomach bug. 12 hours of puking every 30 minutes and I started vomiting blood. I got extremely dehydrated thanks to the babies and needed fluid and medicine to stop the vomiting. The babies are just fine and we are all working on getting our sleep and the house back under control!

We also had another ultrasound and dr. appt this past Monday which I will try to blog about this week.

I will attempt to catch up mid-week on project 52 :)

11 November 2011

this much [22 mos]

(Project 52 will be posted tomorrow- I'm playing catch up right now)

Jarvis, 22 months, kissing and hugging the babies. He does this several times a day. Out of no where, he runs up to wherever I am standing or sitting, clings to the belly and gives the 'babies' a big kiss.

I love it. 

He's going to be such a good big brother.

linking up with styleberry blog for her this much project.

07 November 2011

Halloween 2011

This is a bit late, but I am just getting around to writing about our Halloween this year.

We had such a blast this year, and Jarvis definitely understood that they were handing candy out, and he got to take it home, haha!

We went to a Fall Festival at a local preschool that some of Jarvis' friends attend. Gammie went along with us and we played some carnival games, did a cake walk, ate, and then did a trunk or treat in the parking lot. The funniest part was the the apple bob. They had apples hanging down that kids were supposed to bite without using their hands, and after watching a couple of his friends do it, Jarvis walked right up, grabbed the apple, and bit down, haha. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the carnival eating the entire apple. Silly boy.

Here we are at the Fall Festival!

Halloween afternoon, we went trick or treating up at the clinic on base. They do a big indoor trick or treating at all the offices. It was packed, and hot, but Jarvis had a blast and got lots of candy!

We then rushed home for a family halloween party with some of our good friends. We had a huge potluck dinner, then walked around the neigheborhood trick or treating. Jarvis had alot of fun, but it exhausted mama! 

Jarvis was an elephant for Halloween, and his little elephant sound is just adorable!

Alright, I'm trying to imbed videos for the first time, haha... so we will see how it goes! The first is us trick or treating and linked off youtube, the second is his little elephant sound, and loaded directly.... let me know what you see/hear!

I used iron on decals to make skeleton shirts for hubby and I. Hubby got back from a 10 day TDY in the middle of the Halloween party, and bitty was thrilled to see him! He made it back just in time for trick or treating.

Here's my costume, unfortunately, I did not get a picture of both of our costumes together :(

And the only photo of hubs and I together, we look 16 again, haha!

And just for fun, here's my little monkey last year at 10 months old:

04 November 2011

Project 52 | Attitude | Week 44

Motherhood is


And this little spitfire has plenty to go around.

He definitely has an opinion on everything these days,

and he doesn't hesitate to share it.

Our days are now filled with choices; and consequences.

"Do you want to wash your hands in the bathroom or the kitchen?"

(Because you're washing them one way or another!)

Oh yeah. That face. Really, mother??

I love his little attitude. His personality.

I do NOT love the fits and screaming and uncontrollable crying that comes along. His little OCD personality doesn't help. It has to be how he wants it. Or he pitches a fit. 

And this mama is quickly learning which battles are worth it, and how to teach choices and consequences. Wish me luck, we still have a long way to go ;)

Oh, and seconds later, I asked him to pose (instead of say cheese), and I got this face. Toddlers are so hot and cold, haha!

03 November 2011

Twins- 25 weeks

This post shall be all things twins! I realized many of my photos are taken on my iphone, and thus only end up on facebook, never here on the blog. So once again, non-facebook family, this is somewhat of a catch up for you! Lots of photos!

First off- we are 25 weeks tomorrow! And let me tell you, these babies are getting big and STRONG! They are very, very active as my doctor notes every time. We are now going in for an appointment every 2 weeks, and will have a full ultrasound every 4 weeks. They seem to be growing well and as of now we have no major concerns! Baby Boy B is still up high, buried under my ribs, and Baby Girl A is low next to my hips. They both are mostly transverse (across), but I can feel them flip over often. I have no trouble differentiating between the two of them, and I have noticed they respond to food differently. Baby Boy B prefers sweets and Baby Girl A prefers salty things it seems. Mama enjoys both, haha! We finally put on some weight over the past month and now total we have gained 17lbs. I've been told to expect the weight gain to be around 40-50lbs total, wow! If I remember correctly with Jarvis, I gained around 27lbs, and he was 2 weeks late!

As of 24 weeks, they are considered viable, which means they actually have the ability to live outside the womb. Their survival rate is around 80%, but of course this goes up every single week. I am planning on keeping them in as long as possible!

They each probably weigh around a pound (although based on past ultrasounds, Baby Boy B probably weighs a bit more than Baby Girl A). They are each probably just over a foot long, and are very strong. Their movements are now able to be felt by other people, and depending on position, you can visibly see them move on the outside.

I've been working hard getting ready for them. We now have the triple stroller and the pack n play for the playroom, thanks to family! 

 Both carseats!!

More diapers!! We only need about 6 more to round out the collection!

I made all of baby girl's bedding. Baby boy is getting the sheets and crib skirt I made for Jarvis, but I still need to finish his bumpers.

Baby Girl's bedding on her new crib!

Baby girl's car seat cover for the cold ND winters. Baby boy's is almost done!

Just a little (grainy) preview into the new nursery arrangement. Still lots of work to do, but I think this layout works!

Baby girl's new boppy cover and blanket. Baby boy will be using Jarvis' old boppy cover and blanket.

Sneak peak of the coming home outfits :)

My new diaper bag!!! A 'happy babies' present from my awesome husband!! I LOVE IT!

So, as you can see, I have been primarily sewing for baby girl, since baby boy will be getting hand me downs from big brother Jarvis. That may seem sad, but I made everything for Jarvis too, so all the babies will get things handmade with love by mama, even second hand! I still have MANY more things to go on my sewing list, and with Christmas and Jarvis' 2nd birthday looming near, I am running out of time!

We have another appointment and ultrasound in about a week and a half, so expect more twin pictures then!