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18 November 2011

Project 52 | Sickly (again) | Week 45

Motherhood is

sickly (again).

Because anything he gets, mama and dada get.

And after a week of stomach bugs (with mama getting it the worst)

we needed some fun.

Enter in our first blizzard of the season, 

and our snow baby was thrilled to go out and play in the 'SNO!'

Apparently I am a week behind on this, I think it got lost somewhere between my two ER visits in the past week... don't worry, we are all fine and the babies are fine. The first visit was to confirm that I was indeed having contractions every 2-3 minutes, but they are not progressing labor, so we are fine. I still have them and they come and go on their own no matter what I do, but once again, I am NOT in labor, so we are all fine! The second visit was due to the stomach bug. 12 hours of puking every 30 minutes and I started vomiting blood. I got extremely dehydrated thanks to the babies and needed fluid and medicine to stop the vomiting. The babies are just fine and we are all working on getting our sleep and the house back under control!

We also had another ultrasound and dr. appt this past Monday which I will try to blog about this week.

I will attempt to catch up mid-week on project 52 :)

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