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22 November 2011

28 weeks (about)

Well, like I mentioned two posts ago, it's been a crazy couple of weeks for the twins, and we have actually had 2 ultrasounds! No images, but I have some stats on their growth! We will be 28 in weeks in 2 days, so I am just recording this as 28 weeks.

21 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 11 oz ( 3rd percentile)
Baby Boy B: 14 oz (32nd percentile)

26 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 1lb 10oz (24th percentile)
Baby Boy B: 2lbs 1oz (53rd percentile)

28 weeks:
Baby Girl A: 1lb 14 oz (14th percentile)
Baby Boy B: 2lbs 6 oz (34th percentile)

At 26 weeks I weighed in at 165- a whopping 30lb gain, which is more than I EVER gained with Jarvis at overdue! However that next week I got a stomach bug and lost 5 lbs, which probably accounts for the slightly slower growth of the babies over the past 2 weeks. They look good though, both transverse (across) my belly with baby girl on the bottom and baby boy on the top. They are still head to bum. 

And, a new picture (for future notice I will not wear a white shirt in front of a white bed, lol...

I am definately getting more uncomfortable by the day, but I am still able to do most daily things. I now wash dishes facing sideways, lol, but we are all doing fine! 

On average, twins come at 35 weeks, which is a very short 7 weeks away! (and that's on average, which means half come earlier!!) My goal is still 37 weeks, and for now, we have no reason to think I won't make it! Here's to keeping those babies cooking!