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03 November 2011

Twins- 25 weeks

This post shall be all things twins! I realized many of my photos are taken on my iphone, and thus only end up on facebook, never here on the blog. So once again, non-facebook family, this is somewhat of a catch up for you! Lots of photos!

First off- we are 25 weeks tomorrow! And let me tell you, these babies are getting big and STRONG! They are very, very active as my doctor notes every time. We are now going in for an appointment every 2 weeks, and will have a full ultrasound every 4 weeks. They seem to be growing well and as of now we have no major concerns! Baby Boy B is still up high, buried under my ribs, and Baby Girl A is low next to my hips. They both are mostly transverse (across), but I can feel them flip over often. I have no trouble differentiating between the two of them, and I have noticed they respond to food differently. Baby Boy B prefers sweets and Baby Girl A prefers salty things it seems. Mama enjoys both, haha! We finally put on some weight over the past month and now total we have gained 17lbs. I've been told to expect the weight gain to be around 40-50lbs total, wow! If I remember correctly with Jarvis, I gained around 27lbs, and he was 2 weeks late!

As of 24 weeks, they are considered viable, which means they actually have the ability to live outside the womb. Their survival rate is around 80%, but of course this goes up every single week. I am planning on keeping them in as long as possible!

They each probably weigh around a pound (although based on past ultrasounds, Baby Boy B probably weighs a bit more than Baby Girl A). They are each probably just over a foot long, and are very strong. Their movements are now able to be felt by other people, and depending on position, you can visibly see them move on the outside.

I've been working hard getting ready for them. We now have the triple stroller and the pack n play for the playroom, thanks to family! 

 Both carseats!!

More diapers!! We only need about 6 more to round out the collection!

I made all of baby girl's bedding. Baby boy is getting the sheets and crib skirt I made for Jarvis, but I still need to finish his bumpers.

Baby Girl's bedding on her new crib!

Baby girl's car seat cover for the cold ND winters. Baby boy's is almost done!

Just a little (grainy) preview into the new nursery arrangement. Still lots of work to do, but I think this layout works!

Baby girl's new boppy cover and blanket. Baby boy will be using Jarvis' old boppy cover and blanket.

Sneak peak of the coming home outfits :)

My new diaper bag!!! A 'happy babies' present from my awesome husband!! I LOVE IT!

So, as you can see, I have been primarily sewing for baby girl, since baby boy will be getting hand me downs from big brother Jarvis. That may seem sad, but I made everything for Jarvis too, so all the babies will get things handmade with love by mama, even second hand! I still have MANY more things to go on my sewing list, and with Christmas and Jarvis' 2nd birthday looming near, I am running out of time!

We have another appointment and ultrasound in about a week and a half, so expect more twin pictures then!


christarella said...

loving the nursery! It looks so colorful and cozy!

Emily Miranda said...

Those car seat covers amaze me! Almost makes me wish it got a little colder here!!

Sarah said...

Chelsea you are amazing... You have a gift!!!