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28 July 2009

A sign of things to come...

So we were able to go in for another ultrasound yesterday, and J finally got to go! And (for the second time) the tech spent the entire time remarking on what a little stinker our Froggie was being! She spent 45 min trying to the get the pictures she needed, was about to give up, and finally Froggie moved to show us the four-chambered heart- little stubborn one we've got coming! But I guess J and I deserve what we get, right ;)

Here are the photos:

A good profile shot- Froggie is head up, feet down, facing forward out to the world. Froggie now weighs in at 1/2 a pound and is 8-10 inches long. Froggie is already several inches above my belly button, so we should see a lot more outward progress of the belly in the next month!

So for the last week I've been feeling what I suspected was Froggie kicking, but wasn't sure it was a kicks or not. however, we watched Froggie give a VERY strong little kick, so I know for sure now! These are the little feet that have been kicking my bladder!

Waving hello!!

Some fun facts about Froggie's development since the last update:
*is changing cartilage into bone
*is covered in a waxy protection all over the skin
*has unique little fingerprints
*can hear some sound outside the womb now (particularily Mom and Dad's voices)
*can see and react to light
*is lulled to sleep when I move during the day and is most active at night
*has hair on it's head, eyebrows, and eyelashes
*the circumference of Froggie's chest and stomach have caught up to it's head

Froggie is developing well and looked very healthy. All of my (MANY) blood and urine tests have been normal, however during this ultrasound we did find a slight problem.

I currently have a condition called Placenta Previa. This means that the placenta is partially covering the cervix. During the second trimester, about 10% of pregnancy's have this condition. It does not become a real concern unless it does not clear up by the third trimester. At that point in time, the baby weighs enough to cause the placenta to bleed and potentially slip partially out the cervix. The condition ends up affecting about 2% of pregnancy's in the third trimester and always results in bed rest and c-section. You can not deliver naturally with placenta previa. Like I said, at this point in time, I am not at a major risk, however it does mean that I am under more observation. Instead of scheduling another ultrasound for when I am 7 or 8 months along, we are scheduling another one in a month, I will be about 5 1/2 months then.

The way this condition fixes itself depends on how the uterus grows, since the placenta is firmly attached to it. Since Froggie has very little room left in my (very) short abdomen to grow up and will shortly be growing out only, and my placenta is currently anterior (in front of the baby- on the outside of my belly) hopefully Froggie will just push the uterus out and the placenta up! But like I said, we will be checking on it again in a month. The plus side is that we get to see even more pictures of Froggie! :D

And here are a few finished projects for Froggie:

Nursing covers- run about $30 in the store, I made these for $6 each.

And a panel quilt using some helo fabric!

Much love to you all!

18 July 2009


Hello again!

Short post today, just wanted to show the fabrics that my wonderful mother helped pick out for Froggie's room. We all know I am horrible at making decisions, but the fabric is bought and finalized!

Here are the fabrics for the crib quilt (which won't actually be used in the crib, haha).

These are the fabrics for the throw pillows to go on the glider. Plus the teal fabric with a small brown pattern will be the dust ruffle on the crib, and the white fabric with the brown, teal, and green pattern will be lamp shades and edging on solid brown (lined) curtains. I will use the dark brown with teal accents plus a brown flannel to make covers for the nursing pillow and use coordinating flannels to make receiving blankets, drool bibs, and burp cloths.

More pictures when they are done of course, which may be a while! I am also learning to knit, ND is cold, you know! Plus I'm finishing up announcements and scrapping first and second trimester, so I'm super busy with baby stuff, but it's nice to have things to do!

16 weeks 2 days bump pictures below. I don't think there is much of a difference, but J does! Although I didn't realize how tan I've gotten! J got to go to my first OB appointment with me and finally hear Froggie's heartbeat, so fun! Although the doctor was surprised to hear I would be moving for a SECOND time while pregnant. (I put on a few pounds, so that was good news!) New ultrasounds in week, we'll see how big Froggie is then!

Much love to you all!!

J & C

02 July 2009

I can never come up with good titles...

Greetings again!

First off, have a new belly picture: 14 weeks 1 day-

White belly :D

Second, here's some fun info for those who care. Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy, here's my experience with the first trimester. (This info is on my first trimester scrapbooking pages- I'm so on top of things :D)

Food Cravings:
Whole wheat freezer waffles
soup (of all kinds)
Chicken nuggets- all the time!

Food Aversions:
Chocolate (until 11 weeks)
Seafood of all kinds
Any strong smells

Sharing the news with family and friends and their reactions!
Hearing the heartbeat
Seeing Froggie move on the ultrasound- I swear my heart stopped- amazing!
Discovering the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow (I do not sit or lay down without it)
Maternity clothes (so comfy!)
Registering! Baby stuff is oh, so cute!

Low points:
Achy back
CONSTANT Heartburn/nausea
Looking chubby but not pregnant
Being super hot all the time!

The ultimate high point, however, has bee my amazing husband's reaction! I didn't think I could love J anymore, but he has been so excited and involved (and willing to spend hours registering and trying on maternity clothes) that I have been blown away! I knew he was going to be an amazing father but it is so wonderful to how interested he is and how excited he is to meet Froggie and be an integral part of raising Froggie. I have enough experience and book knowledge that he could easily step back and defer to everything I say, but he wants to talk about it and know why one bottle is better than the other, how breast-feeding works, what the benefits of cloth-diapering are, what is safe for cribs and what is not, which car seat is best, and all of the tiny information that I find oh, so interesting (I love details) but he usually doesn't! As much as I can't wait to meet Froggie, I can't not wait even more to see J with his child! It makes me smile just thinking about it! A HUGE thanks to all of his family for helping to raise the wonderful man that I have had the blessing to marry and have a child with! I love you all!

On a less sappy note, :D, I have finished all of the baby thank you notes (handmade of course!), mostly finished the *gender neutral* baby announcements, and am working on scrapping the first trimester and making pages for the birth. I plan to be on top of scrapping this child's life, and I know I won't have much time after Froggie is born, so I'm working ahead!

I'm also starting to sew the bedding/room decorations and other things for baby. It's nice to keep my time occupied and get to do baby stuff!

Much love to you all!