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02 July 2009

I can never come up with good titles...

Greetings again!

First off, have a new belly picture: 14 weeks 1 day-

White belly :D

Second, here's some fun info for those who care. Everyone has a different experience with pregnancy, here's my experience with the first trimester. (This info is on my first trimester scrapbooking pages- I'm so on top of things :D)

Food Cravings:
Whole wheat freezer waffles
soup (of all kinds)
Chicken nuggets- all the time!

Food Aversions:
Chocolate (until 11 weeks)
Seafood of all kinds
Any strong smells

Sharing the news with family and friends and their reactions!
Hearing the heartbeat
Seeing Froggie move on the ultrasound- I swear my heart stopped- amazing!
Discovering the Boppy Pregnancy Pillow (I do not sit or lay down without it)
Maternity clothes (so comfy!)
Registering! Baby stuff is oh, so cute!

Low points:
Achy back
CONSTANT Heartburn/nausea
Looking chubby but not pregnant
Being super hot all the time!

The ultimate high point, however, has bee my amazing husband's reaction! I didn't think I could love J anymore, but he has been so excited and involved (and willing to spend hours registering and trying on maternity clothes) that I have been blown away! I knew he was going to be an amazing father but it is so wonderful to how interested he is and how excited he is to meet Froggie and be an integral part of raising Froggie. I have enough experience and book knowledge that he could easily step back and defer to everything I say, but he wants to talk about it and know why one bottle is better than the other, how breast-feeding works, what the benefits of cloth-diapering are, what is safe for cribs and what is not, which car seat is best, and all of the tiny information that I find oh, so interesting (I love details) but he usually doesn't! As much as I can't wait to meet Froggie, I can't not wait even more to see J with his child! It makes me smile just thinking about it! A HUGE thanks to all of his family for helping to raise the wonderful man that I have had the blessing to marry and have a child with! I love you all!

On a less sappy note, :D, I have finished all of the baby thank you notes (handmade of course!), mostly finished the *gender neutral* baby announcements, and am working on scrapping the first trimester and making pages for the birth. I plan to be on top of scrapping this child's life, and I know I won't have much time after Froggie is born, so I'm working ahead!

I'm also starting to sew the bedding/room decorations and other things for baby. It's nice to keep my time occupied and get to do baby stuff!

Much love to you all!



B/SV news said...

i sure do love you guys! you made me cry

kristi detweiler said...

did you know that extreme morning sickness is actually a good thing? the reason us women get morning sickness is because thats when "Froggie" is developing all it's major organs. so the sicker you are, the better. I know it sounds weird but based on your post, your froggie is going to be extremely healthy!! congratulations!

Beverly said...

You are sooo cute, aglow even! I hope I'm even 1/10th that cute when I have a baby. So glad to hear things are going well.