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18 July 2009


Hello again!

Short post today, just wanted to show the fabrics that my wonderful mother helped pick out for Froggie's room. We all know I am horrible at making decisions, but the fabric is bought and finalized!

Here are the fabrics for the crib quilt (which won't actually be used in the crib, haha).

These are the fabrics for the throw pillows to go on the glider. Plus the teal fabric with a small brown pattern will be the dust ruffle on the crib, and the white fabric with the brown, teal, and green pattern will be lamp shades and edging on solid brown (lined) curtains. I will use the dark brown with teal accents plus a brown flannel to make covers for the nursing pillow and use coordinating flannels to make receiving blankets, drool bibs, and burp cloths.

More pictures when they are done of course, which may be a while! I am also learning to knit, ND is cold, you know! Plus I'm finishing up announcements and scrapping first and second trimester, so I'm super busy with baby stuff, but it's nice to have things to do!

16 weeks 2 days bump pictures below. I don't think there is much of a difference, but J does! Although I didn't realize how tan I've gotten! J got to go to my first OB appointment with me and finally hear Froggie's heartbeat, so fun! Although the doctor was surprised to hear I would be moving for a SECOND time while pregnant. (I put on a few pounds, so that was good news!) New ultrasounds in week, we'll see how big Froggie is then!

Much love to you all!!

J & C

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Beverly said...

Your hair is growing fast, good sign you're getting your vitamins! The colors are so sweet, and will look perfect for boy or girl. Due date is December 31st right? Can I hope for the 21st so we can share a birthday? ;)