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29 April 2012

Insta-Friday | partially

I was missing my phone for most of the week... but here's what I've got for this week!


1. Snuggling with the puppy while watching a show while mama feeds the babies...
2. Our 'grow' area... (on top of the spare fridge/freezer in the laundry room) all the plants have been transplanted into bigger containers...


3. The jalapenos in their new containers...
4. The paci tree is growing well!!


5. Making homemade ice cream in my birthday present!! SO DELICIOUS!!
6. Our daily 'routine' typed out. We never make this exactly, but it helps me to have a goal! (see the SINGLE line that is blank on both sides??? that is my down hour. yeah.)


 7. My Jonah bear chewing on his hands...
8. You can really tell the size difference between the babies here! They may be twins but they are so different!! 

27 April 2012

Insta-Friday | the missing week

trying to catch up here... this is the 5 days of last week, before I broke my phone Friday night... 


1. spent a quiet evening painting chalkboard paint on the new Ikea craft table and the used train table... so exciting, I know!
2. Meet the wonder-pets. Jarvis adores their show (60 episodes on demand on netflix, yes please!). They came to our house to watch over him at night during the 'paci-tree' growth.


4. Planting his pacifers...
5. The next morning, a pacifier tree had grown! (aka, a cherry tomato seedling!)


5. Someone wasn't sleeping well because of a little congestion, so she spent a nap in the Moby. Love it.
6. That someone at the doctor getting her ears checked, all clear, no infections!


7. Sweetness.
8. Discovered how insanely easy it is to make your own chicken broth in the crockpot. Cost just a couple of cents (I had already made the chicken for dinner with the veggies, so just a few more spices and a bunch of water!). Made over 14 cups. Um. awesome. I mean, I get convenience food, but how have we gotten away from doing anything ourselves in this country? Such lazy people we are. 


 9. Haircut in town ALONE. Mommy time!
10. The tomato, jalapeno, and okra seedlings just before transplantation into bigger containers. Still too cold to plant, our last frost date is May 20...


 11. Who said it was ok for them to be big enough for the Bumbo seats. Deny, deny, deny.
12. Meet Owee (Owen), Jarvis loves to have him over. They wanted a picture with Luc. Easier said than done. 


13. Daddy got older! Happy Birthday morning snuggles from the littlest two.
14. Mommy and Jarvis made a whole wheat chocolate cake for Daddy. Sprinkles and two candles courtesy of Jarvis. 


 15 & 16. Learning more about cooking from scratch and with fresh grains. Slowly but surely cutting out all processed foods. 

 17. He sorted them by color and (almost) size all by himself. Seriously. I walked over and it was like this. Crazy. Little OCD boy.

SEVENTEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when...

there were no little fingernails to clip.
no fuzzy heads to shampoo.
no bottles to make.
no diapers to wash.
no dirty bums to wipe.
no matchbox cars to step on.
no wake times to pay attention to.
no video monitors screeching in the middle of the night.
no baby gurgles or toddler screams.

three kids is A LOT of work. I honestly only really sit down when I am feeding one of them or during the ONE HOUR of overlapping nap time.

but there were so many days when I never thought I would get to do this. 

so now, every time I see those three towels hanging in the bathroom, I can not help but be thankful for the crazy, busy, beautiful life I live. 

This whole 'raising little human beings' thing is hard, but so very worth it!

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23 April 2012

Insta-Friday | Jace style!

Chelsea's phone is broke but mine isn't! So I'll hijack the blog to bring some photos.
1. Jarvis in his made-by-mommy Wonder Pets cape, running to save some an animal in need (most likely the puppy)

2. Tomatoes, Eggplant, Okra, and Jalapenos enjoying some light in their new larger solo cup containers. 

3. We call him the screacher preacher creature, here he is doing the preaching part,  you don't want to see the screacher part!
4. Daddy is flying a helicopter on the front page of the base paper!

22 April 2012

Insta-Friday | or not

so this week's insta-Friday will be late. very late. you see, this is my iphone currently.

yeah. ouch. I was walking a friend to her car and it was rainy and dark and I stepped in a pot hole and landed on my bum. Too bad my iphone was in my back pocket. smash. boo.

hoping we get the parts in sometime this week because i am missing my right hand!

19 April 2012

SIXTEEN | p52 | 2012

Remember when...

I was a naive, first time mom and I swore we wouldn't use the pacifer.
until you were 3 months old and I was desperate for sleep training.
but only in the crib or car. and that worked for us.

gone by one year I said.
but you still seemed like such a baby to me.

gone by eighteen months I claimed.
but by then you were VERY attached, 
I was pregnant with twins and scared for my precious night sleep.

gone by two I hoped.
but there was going to be so much upheaval in your life in the next month,
as you became a big brother twice over.

two years, three months, and ten days.
we got brave and
you finally said goodbye to the pacifier.

we placed them in a pot, 
covered them with dirt,
poured on a little water,
gathered up our wonder pets stuffed animals.
and hoped for the best.

all my fears. all for nothing. 
you rocked. my big boy.

you woke a couple of times and unconsciously searched for the pacifier.
but you fell asleep again no problem without any comfort needed.

the look on your face the next morning 
when you saw that your pacifiers had sprouted.
and grown a little tree. 
completely worth it.
my big boy.

then you napped, no problem.
my big boy.

after nap, you and daddy shared a special celebratory treat.
blueberry greek yogurt pop.

It was barely even a blip on your radar.
and now I feel so silly for worrying so much.
Everytime you lay down to go to sleep now,
you tell me that you don't need pacifiers.
and you are right, so right.

mama needs to remember,

to never let my own fears hold you back...

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16 April 2012

Insta-Friday | Little Things


1. Toddler handle for my diaper bag/stroller/cart. Because I now have more kids than hands. Jarvis holds onto this and it keeps him paying attention and near me. Perfect. and no, it's not a leash, he holds it and can let go...
2. Spinach and tomato quiche with a whole wheat crust. Made with wheat that I ground myself... um yeah. who am I??


3. Citrus peels in vinegar: homemade all-purpose cleaner. No more yucky vinegar smell and even better cleaning power!
4. Homemade french vanilla creamer... it was ok... gonna try a different recipe next time....


5. Took my kitchenaid from boring white to teal with fun lettering! Seriously took about 2 hours total. awesome. 
6. Homemade whole wheat tortillas, AMAZING.


7. Twin tummy time... sweet babies!
8. Introducing.... our new wheat grinder!! Ogranic, freshly ground wheat all the time, for nearly 1/4 the price!


9. OH MY CHUB. This girl is so chubby, I love it.
10. Jonah getting some puppy snuggles!

11. Morning after our emergency room visit, sick boy got to eat lunch on the couch so mama could lay down...

12 April 2012

FIFTEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when....

just getting through the day was all i could do sometimes.
and doing my very best wasn't always quite enough
but all it took was a smile,
and the light in your eyes to make me remember...

i wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here with you three.


This week has been rough, and long. I'm STILL fighting a nasty cold, and I spent Monday evening in the emergency room with a wheezing, croupy boy with a double ear infection. Hubby is busier at work than he has probably ever been, and things are just plain crazy around here.

I have not TOUCHED my camera. So this week, you get instagrams. Sweet big boy in the emergency room, and little bitty smiles.


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09 April 2012

Pantry Overhaul | DIY

I adore being organized. It makes my heart happy to see a clean, streamlined, organized space. Before the babies were born, I went on a serious nesting kick and reorganized just about every closet/under cabinet space in the house. This included the pantry. Really all I did in the pantry was clean out things and rearrange them a little. It was basically all I could do at 36 weeks pregnant with twins. 

But I kept seeing all these amazing pantries on pinterest and I was dying for a complete overhaul. I finally decided it was not just an aesthetic thing to have clear, organized containers. I used to keep a continual running list in my head of where I was at on staples, and refilled any time I went to the store. 

Then I had 3 kids in 2 years. And my brain got a bit busier.

And I kept reaching in for a box of pasta or grains only to discover that I didn't have enough left. So I decided having clear, labeled containers to store my whole supplies was well worth the investment.

After once again perusing pinterest, I discovered that Walmart was the places to go for cheap glass/plastic storage, so I walked out with $150 worth of storage supplies and got down to business.

Remember, we live in base housing and will be moving sometime in the next year-ish, so I can't do anything awesome, like stencil or wallpaper in the back. Everything has to be able to move with us. I repurposed both of the shelving units I already had in there (which we had gathered for free over the last couple of moves), and I already had all of the OXO Pop Top containers and the various baskets I already had hanging around the house. 

semi-organized, but over packed and too many boxes!



Moved all the cans onto the newly bright green spray-painted shelves. All my coffee supplies are now corralled in a basket on top.

Party supplies and bulk water up on top. Drink mixes and spice packets in the labeled bins below that. The white bin in bulk food storage and I am planning on purchasing another one for the remaining bulk supplies next to it.

Baking supplies on the next shelf. One big container for all the little baking stuff, and then labeled bulk supplies in the other containers. 
 The next shelf is for all the snacks. Crackers, cookies, chips, nuts, etc...
The bottom shelf is quick oats, cream of wheat, steel cut oats, homemade pancake mix, cereals, granolas, and pastas and grains. 

I am planning on buying more of the chalkboard labels to put on the OXO Pop Tops so I can easily label and change the labels for our snacks and such.

The rest of the pastas are on top of the newly spray-painted yellow shelves and the potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onions hang in bags on the wall.

The yellow shelf holds quick grab to-go toddler snacks, extra cooking supplies (cornmeal, bread crumbs, popcorn, etc) and then beans and extra bulk supplies. 

My favorite part is the labels!! I made them on my silhouette and cut them out of adhesive vinyl, SO CUTE!!