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12 April 2012

FIFTEEN | p52 | 2012

remember when....

just getting through the day was all i could do sometimes.
and doing my very best wasn't always quite enough
but all it took was a smile,
and the light in your eyes to make me remember...

i wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here with you three.


This week has been rough, and long. I'm STILL fighting a nasty cold, and I spent Monday evening in the emergency room with a wheezing, croupy boy with a double ear infection. Hubby is busier at work than he has probably ever been, and things are just plain crazy around here.

I have not TOUCHED my camera. So this week, you get instagrams. Sweet big boy in the emergency room, and little bitty smiles.


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Mahina and Lucas said...

I have been fighting a nasty cold too! I swear colds take twice as long to fight now that I'm a mom.

Mama Ray said...

and what you have done, IS good enough!