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02 April 2012

Insta-Friday | Farwell to the Mustache


1. Apparently the pacifers were dirty and needed to be washed. And apparently the dog's water bowl was the best option. Not the bathroom sink that he can reach. At least it wasn't the toilet!
2. Jace is a mentor for an academic program offered at the on-base schools. He helped 7th graders design a working robot and his team won first place! Oh, and yes... the mustache helped I'm sure.


3. Back rolls are all the rage right now... love this girl's chub....
4. Roma tomatoes on sale at the commissary means it's time for some more homemade smoked salsa! Yummy!


5. Mini-van loaded up to head to the Mustache March party at the squadron... It takes us at least half an hour to get out the door...
6. He sat and read quietly for half an hour... which was exactly what I needed to get dinner on the table and dealing with babies who wouldn't nap.


7. Nap reject-er #1 spending some time on my lap while I attempt to eat dinner... sometimes this job isn't easy, but those sweet faces make it worth it!
8. Grandma Pam snuggling her 50lb lap granddog...


9. Grandpa Greg braving the 30* weather to swing with the big one! He even jumped on the trampoline!!
10. Kitty has a boyfriend.


11. Finally got her smile on film! 
12. Weird science experiments working! Celery and sweet potatoes growing well!


13. Backed up babies means it's time for a bit of prune puree... 1/4tsp works every time!
14. Really think these eyes are going to stay blue... hoping, hoping, hoping!!

15.  How I bottle-feed two babies at once...

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