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31 March 2012

this much [2 month] Joelle & Jonah

a little early this month, but there was perfect lighting, time, and happy babies... i gotta get it when i can!

[this much] 2 months with the twins. 

my sweet Jonah, he's really not a grumpy bear... this boy is a smiley little talker when he's awake, he's so content and loves to look around and is mr. independent. but when the lights go out and it's nap time, he sure can fuss and boy is he addicted to his pacifier, just like his big brother! 
(this was really overexposed, but I loved it anyway!)

Joelle, my tiny little chunker. This girl is so small in every way, small head, ears, nose, legs, hands, feet; she's so little. But boy, oh boy, the fat rolls on this girl, they are soooo yummy! She is such a good little sleeper. When it's time to nap, a little pacifer and she's out, no fussing and a good little sleeper!

 However, if she's awake, she little miss needy. She wants to be held and needs to be able to see someone. Such a sweetie.

big brother's coming up soon....

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