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12 March 2012

Insta-Friday | First week ALONE

1. Playdough time... we had to make two puppy babies!              
2. The exact same diaper, sized for my 7lb one month old and my 30lb 2 year old. Fuzzibunz rule.

3. Fuzzibunz versus our new Grovia trainers...                              
4. Somebody is finally putting on some chunk like his sister!!

5.  My husband always has some project up his sleeve... currently, he is learning the ins and outs of hydroponics... 
6. Holding sister...

7. And it's that time of year again... Mustache March. sigh.
8. 24 hours of diapers for the twins... at least they are cute and colorful! 

9. Burping two babies at once is complicated... haha!
10. Jarvis & Mommy date, BX for lunch and then a little grocery shopping- how exciting!

11. 24 hours of bottles for the twins. Jonah's are the ones with rubberbands. 
12. About a week and a half's worth of fresh fruit for the household. Not including the berrys in the fridge... I love my good little eater. 

13. Jonah's opinion on tummy time. 
14. Joelle has excellent head control!

15. Formula in bulk. ouch... so expensive!
16. Jarvis feeding his baby... 'time ta bup da bebe!'

17. This is girl is seriously chunky. Like rolly-polly round. It's awesome.
18. She also really wants to be a side sleeper. Mommy no-like. 

1 comment:

Sean and Katie said...

Would love to know what you think about the Grovia trainer...We are starting to potty train.

Erin is loving her side too. Little scary but she has started to put herself in that position.