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05 March 2012

this much [26 months] Jarvis

First up... our picture for this month... (he's eating a special treat... haha! and you get mommy with no makeup and a ponytail...)

I am LONG overdue for an update on my big boy. So here goes...

He has been doing remarkably well with the babies joining our family. We have had a few jelousy issues and a few more temper tantrums, but seriously, he is doing AWESOME.

He adores the babies and has the cutest little 'awwww' sound any time he sees them. He loves to 'help' hold bottles and burp the babies. He gladly brings us the boppys or burp cloths. He loves singing them songs and wants to check on them all day long. He knows their names and even recognizes their faces. 

He is learning his colors and letters. He knows most of the colors, most of the time, and he knows at least 10 letters, sometimes more! He even has a few sight words that he can identify. He has had a language explosion in the past 6 weeks. He went from a few phrases to full sentences. He now will try to say anything and he is communicating extremely well. He does an excellent job of being patient and repeating what he's saying over and over again until we understand. He wants us to repeat what he says so he can make sure we get it right, haha!

His pretend play has taken a dramatic leap lately. He loves to pretend to change his stuffed animals diapers or pretend to put clothes on them. His trucks and race cars play together and he makes up stories and interacts with all of his toys. He is using 'tools' to fix his cars and substituting play items for real ones (using socks as oven mitts). This is by far my favorite play stage so far, he is such a joy to watch! 

We still haven't made any progress on potty training, but mommy isn't really at a place where she can focus on it, so we aren't worried right now. We are having to explore larger cloth diaper options, since he has just about maxed out the one size fuzzibunzs. 

His concept of time and location is developing and he is understanding key words relating to both of those. He adores playing outside and doesn't care how cold it is, he wants to stay out as long as possible. 

Once again, we just can not get over how AMAZING this little boy is. He is such a blessing and joy to be around!!

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Mama Ray said...

you both look beautiful!! hugs!