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30 March 2012

THIRTEEN | p52 | 2012

Remember when...

I used to stare at you for hours and wonder what was going on in your little brain. 

What did you think of colors, noises, toys? Did water just baffle you at first? What did you think of food?

We used to narrate for you; talk like you might be thinking.

But now, now there's no question what you think or feel. 

Today I chased you around the house with my fancy camera while you repeated, "Me no like to cheese!"

I love the personality and opinions coming out of your mind.

 Attempting to hide behind the *filthy* door didn't work so well...

But finally, telling him I will show him the pictures afterwards gets me this precious smile. Ah, the life with a two year old....

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Mahina and Lucas said...

Just look at that smile! So cute.

Brandy said...

"Give MiMi a kiss?"


He's lucky he's cute! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Looking forward to your week 14 post! :)