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15 March 2012

Month 1 | TWINS

So I realized I had not shared the photos or stats from the babies 1 month shoot...

7lbs 4 oz
19 inches
11th percentile for weight (adjusted for 38 weeks)
4th percentile for height (adjusted for 38 weeks)
80th percentile for her height vs weight ratio

7lbs 12 oz
20.5 inches
13th percentile for weight (adjusted for 38 weeks)
12th percentile for height (adjusted for 38 weeks)
30th percentile for his height vs weight ratio

Both babies have started cooing some, and it's quite adorable! We have gotten social smiles out of both of them, no longer just the gassy, sleepy smiles. They are both still in newborn clothes, but Joelle is filling out the stomachs of her sleepers a little snugly. She's still too short for most of them though! Jonah is starting to max out the length in newborn sleepers. 

Joelle is still using the blanket swaddlers, but we have upgraded Jonah to the Woombie swaddlers because he does NOT like when his arms get out. He startles much more than Joelle does. Joelle actually seems to prefer to have her arms out; if she gets them out, I leave her that way, but we still put her down swaddled. Jonah is a pacifier-fiend, just like his big brother, and right now Joelle is doing a better job of settling herself at naps without a pacifier. However they seem to trade off having trouble, so it's always a toss up!

At one month, they were still eating at a very predictable 3 hours, even through the night. (They have since stretched out at night and will go anywhere between 4-5 hours at night between feedings.) Both of them went through a growth spurt at one month, Joelle was eating 5oz and Jonah was eating 4oz. They have both backed off of that since then and they each eat around 3-4 oz at a feeding. 

They are both a joy to have around and we are truly loving their addition to our family. 

This job isn't easy, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

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