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24 February 2011

Project 52 | Consuming | Week 8

Motherhood is


time. energy. focus. love.

but every mother needs an outlet.

and Nina is mine.

Sewing is my escape. It's my 'me' time. I create something useful, adorable, practical from scraps of nothing. I think while I sew. I process my day, my life, my feelings. 

Lately, life has been too overwhelming and painful, and I don't want to *think*... so I lost my sewing for a while. I couldn't sit and create while in my haze.

But a few weeks later, the irresistible itch always comes back.
Nina and I find something to make, and life seems to fall back into balance.

What's your escape?

DIY | Play Workbench **Update**

Yes, I know, I'm crazy....

After looking at the pictures, I decided I couldn't stand the green toolbox on the cute little workbench... so a few coats of spray paint later.... it's blue!! Except now I wish it was orange. But I don't have orange spray paint, so it's staying blue. Crazy, I know.

But seriously... it's cuter...

He loves this thing...

The hooks are particularly fascinating...

Wanna see more?? Check out the DIY workbench first post...

Check back for Project 52 tomorrow!

22 February 2011

DIY | Play Workbench

Creativity is my sanity. It's what keeps me grounded, it's my outlet. And no matter what I am creating with... paper, fabric, wood, I love seeing something come out of nothing. 

Hubby and I love working on any type of project together. It's bonding time. Thanks to my awesome Dad, who had no qualms over taking his daughter out into the garage with him, I have a fair amount of woodworking knowledge. Hubby learned plenty from his dad and grandfather too, so between the two of us, we have happily acquired many tools, and have big plans for them. 

When I told hubs I wanted to make a play kitchen (under progress!) for Jarvis, he jokingly suggested we make a play workbench. What an excellent idea! It's actually absurdly easy! So with a babysitter Valentine's evening, we hit up our local hardware store, Menards and finished the majority of the base in one hour that evening!


It is 3ft tall, with the workspace hitting at 1.5ft. Perfect for him right now. If we need to raise it later, we have plans to add risers or wheels to the bottom.

Supplies list:
2x4s: $8.00 (used 3.5 boards)
Nails: $1.00 (lots extra)
Peg board: $2.79 (only used half)
Spray paint: $3.44 (lots left over!)
Large snaps: $3.99
Canvas scraps: $1.00

Total:  $20.22 
(with nearly enough material left over to make another one!)

The peg board accessories are leftover from Daddy's workbench in the garage as is the tool box.
All the tools were one of Target's red 'Christmas Packs' and were on sale for $7.99!

So here's the only 'process' picture I took- partway done! Our only mistake was using 2.5 inch nails instead of 3. They were pulling out too easily with the normal pull of the bench, so we had to use a little wood glue to help stabilize them (that's why you see the clamps below). But now that thing is very very sturdy!
Sorry- taken on my iphone!

It is sanded very, very well with an electric sander, and all nails are finished flush with the wood.

We painted the peg board blue to add a little pop against the orange tools. But left the rest of the wood natural.

I used canvas scraps I had laying around (from some Christmas present dop kits) to create little pouches to hang on the side to store his tools.

We didn't want to attach them by hanging them on extended nails (talk about toddler hazard!!) so I used heavy duty sew-on-snaps for the canvas side, and nailed the other side into the wood. They are easily removable but completely toddler safe.

And a slightly smaller one for the other side.

And of course, a little brand so we have no doubt who it belongs to!

Here's to hoping my little boy will enjoy working out in the garage with his Daddy (and Mommy) and will have a little creative gene of his own!

***Measurements have been posted HERE! ***

**Yesterday, while browsing Ikea, I found that they are now offering a play workbench as well... it's cute, but 4 times as much as our, and I think ours looks more authentic!!**

**I featured this project on Today's Creative Blog... check out all the other projects featured!

Up next... the DIY play kitchen, fit for a boy! Can't wait to get started on it!


17 February 2011

Project 52 | Furry | Week 7

Motherhood is


because he was my first 'baby',

and he taught me how to love like a mommy.

With his homemade apple-cinnamon puppy treats 
(and no, I did not let him eat all of them at once!)

Can I EAT these mommy???

Yum, yum!

 Valentine's Day was my sweet puppy, Jean-Luc's 3rd birthday (pronouced John-Luke, but we just call him Luke). Luc was rescued from a kill shelter and was the runt of the litter, so we don't know his actual birthday. Just that it was mid-February, so we celebrate on Valentine's Day!

I think in so many ways, getting a dog or cat prepares you for motherhood. Luc CRIED all night long the first week we had him. He got into everything and couldn't be left alone at all. He pooped and peed all over my floor. He demanded attention and time. We had to plan to come home early let him out of the crate after dinner. He brought responsibility to our lives and taught us to plan for something beyond ourselves.We trained his habits and behaviors to match with our family and goals. And in return, he loved us unconditionally.

Most of all he taught me that motherhood isn't perfect, that you aren't going to always LIKE every minute, but that you will always love the ones that make you a mother.

So Happy Birthday my sweet, annoying puppy dog, we love you!

Luc got a sister just a month after he came to live with us, and believe me, Juliette owns him, haha!
She jumped in this picture and wanted to see just what he was getting to eat!

10 February 2011

Project 52 | Splish-splashy | Week 6

Motherhood is...


because bathtime's never been so fun,

for any of us!

Me and my puppy love to drink out of the shower head...
(couldn't catch them both at the same time this bath, but I'll keep trying!!)

Puppy drinking the shower head, I'll just drink like a big boy out of my cup!

I swear, he put that up there by himself... and it was too funny to pass up!


04 February 2011

this much [13 mos]

my last few posts have been kinda down (and obviously people agree based on the lack of comments, haha), so here's an upper!

linking up with styleberry blog in her *this much* project

While the rest of the country is 'freezing' and having snow/ice days... we had a warm spell today!! I think we topped out at 37degrees today, so very warm!! Now that Jarvis is walking, he can actually play out in the snow, as long as it's not too cold. I had planned to take him out to play earlier in the day, but between a doctor's appointment for him and a late nap, it didn't work out. 

But as soon as Daddy got home and Jarvis finished up his dinner, we headed out to play for a while! It was a little too dark for good pictures and took some major editing (so they are not the best quality), but you got to get it when you can- may not be warm enough to go out for another month or two! But I got to hang out with my boys and actually ENJOY the snow for once!!

 this much [13 mos]

All photos taken by my hubby, edited by me.

Oh, and all you Texans out there, this is real snow :) But check out the melting patches of pavement thanks to the warm temps today!! Yay!

Project 52 | Fragile | Week 5


motherhood is


and precious,

and sometimes much too fleeting.

This was a hard week around here. 

Our sweet 'Duckie' was due on Wednesday. And all week we have been facing the dreams and thoughts of how our lives should be right now. But instead of sleepless nights rocking a newborn, we lie awake grieving the loss of Job.

I wasn't sure I wanted to share this picture on here, it just seems so very personal. But I know our family will appreciate this at the very least. After a lot of thought and debate and prayer and searching, Hubby and I found the perfect urn. 

I don't have any more words right now, but I can only imagine the beauty of heaven and I rest in the hope and love of my Lord.

I can’t imagine heaven’s lullabies

and what they must sound like 

But I will rest in knowing, heaven is your home 

And it’s all you’ll ever know…

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(Those of you who are just now joining me for Project 52 may not know Job's story, click on Duckie to read about our precious child.)