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04 February 2011

this much [13 mos]

my last few posts have been kinda down (and obviously people agree based on the lack of comments, haha), so here's an upper!

linking up with styleberry blog in her *this much* project

While the rest of the country is 'freezing' and having snow/ice days... we had a warm spell today!! I think we topped out at 37degrees today, so very warm!! Now that Jarvis is walking, he can actually play out in the snow, as long as it's not too cold. I had planned to take him out to play earlier in the day, but between a doctor's appointment for him and a late nap, it didn't work out. 

But as soon as Daddy got home and Jarvis finished up his dinner, we headed out to play for a while! It was a little too dark for good pictures and took some major editing (so they are not the best quality), but you got to get it when you can- may not be warm enough to go out for another month or two! But I got to hang out with my boys and actually ENJOY the snow for once!!

 this much [13 mos]

All photos taken by my hubby, edited by me.

Oh, and all you Texans out there, this is real snow :) But check out the melting patches of pavement thanks to the warm temps today!! Yay!


Brandy said...

Love it!!

Emily B. said...

:) good quality family time!

VanDyck Family said...

I kinda like the grainyness in these photos, it makes it look like they were film! Yay for snow play for you finally! :D And yes, THIS is snow...a dusting is not real snow LOL.

Plane Jane said...

this is also something that southern parents just don't get to see... the adorableness of their kids in snowsuits!!! They look so cute all bundled up- ESPECIALLY Jarvis :-)

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

love love love. he is so CUTE!

Tori @ said...

love the fluffy snowsuit!!! the cutest!!