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10 February 2011

Project 52 | Splish-splashy | Week 6

Motherhood is...


because bathtime's never been so fun,

for any of us!

Me and my puppy love to drink out of the shower head...
(couldn't catch them both at the same time this bath, but I'll keep trying!!)

Puppy drinking the shower head, I'll just drink like a big boy out of my cup!

I swear, he put that up there by himself... and it was too funny to pass up!



Bran said...

Love the pics!

VanDyck Family said...

Are you sure Aveeno didn't pay him to do that? Because it also looks like he was trying to spell Aveeno behind him with the bath letters :D

Chelsea M said...

I think Aveeno was paying Daddy to spell that out with bath letters... haha...