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28 November 2011

DIY | Play Workbench *MEASUREMENTS*

 Oh my. I have apparently not been getting notifications for comments on all of my posts. Somehow I missed over 20 comments on the DIY Play Workbench post asking for measurements. I'm so sorry! I emailed those that left emails and I will add a link to this post on there as well! I think this is going around on Pinterest, so I will post it there too!

Hubby drew up a little diagram with measurements (he's so handy!) Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be sure to check the comments on this post! haha!

Happy crafting! 

1 comment:

Tristen said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, just this morning I'm headed to Home Depot to cut the materials and I'm putting this together for my son for Christmas. We're on a tight budget this year and bought him some play tools, so this is going to be perfect! We wanted it to be good since we're doing a small-ish Christmas (one major gift per child... with the accessories of course!) This table plus tools plus a tool box is going to equal one very happy and beloved little man. Good luck when your babies come soon! Going from 1-3 children is going to be a challenge, but SO worth it! I've always wanted twins!