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07 November 2011

Halloween 2011

This is a bit late, but I am just getting around to writing about our Halloween this year.

We had such a blast this year, and Jarvis definitely understood that they were handing candy out, and he got to take it home, haha!

We went to a Fall Festival at a local preschool that some of Jarvis' friends attend. Gammie went along with us and we played some carnival games, did a cake walk, ate, and then did a trunk or treat in the parking lot. The funniest part was the the apple bob. They had apples hanging down that kids were supposed to bite without using their hands, and after watching a couple of his friends do it, Jarvis walked right up, grabbed the apple, and bit down, haha. He then proceeded to spend the rest of the carnival eating the entire apple. Silly boy.

Here we are at the Fall Festival!

Halloween afternoon, we went trick or treating up at the clinic on base. They do a big indoor trick or treating at all the offices. It was packed, and hot, but Jarvis had a blast and got lots of candy!

We then rushed home for a family halloween party with some of our good friends. We had a huge potluck dinner, then walked around the neigheborhood trick or treating. Jarvis had alot of fun, but it exhausted mama! 

Jarvis was an elephant for Halloween, and his little elephant sound is just adorable!

Alright, I'm trying to imbed videos for the first time, haha... so we will see how it goes! The first is us trick or treating and linked off youtube, the second is his little elephant sound, and loaded directly.... let me know what you see/hear!

I used iron on decals to make skeleton shirts for hubby and I. Hubby got back from a 10 day TDY in the middle of the Halloween party, and bitty was thrilled to see him! He made it back just in time for trick or treating.

Here's my costume, unfortunately, I did not get a picture of both of our costumes together :(

And the only photo of hubs and I together, we look 16 again, haha!

And just for fun, here's my little monkey last year at 10 months old:

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