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27 November 2011

Project 52 | Motivating | Week 47

Motherhood is


There is nothing like impending new life to get you motivated...

The name of the game is to be as ahead as possible right now.

Because these babies are quickly running out of space,

and this mama is quickly running out of steam.

Seriously, this belly is out.of.control.

I'm a little over 28 weeks today, and although that seems like a long way to go, the reality is that these sweet babies could come any day now. I have about 6 weeks to go until I hit the 'average' for twins, and 9 or 10 before a scheduled c-section. 

However, physically, I feel much, much closer. This pregnancy has made me realize just how easy my pregnancy with Jarvis really was. I mean, I know I am carrying double the babies, but somedays it feels like there are at least 4 of them in there. And everyday I lose the ability to do yet another thing for myself.

I think this has been the hardest part for me. I am independent. I pride myself on being able to do it myself and take care of business. Being unable to easily lift my son, or even give him a bath is very humbling. My face starts going numb if I bend over for more than a couple of seconds, and my legs go numb if I stand for more than a minute. Basically, I have learned to wait on the hubby to be home. He's great about it, but it can be very humbling.

I can not even imagine what it will feel/be like in another 6 weeks, but I am determined to keep them in as LONG as possible. Even if that means I sit around like a lazy bum all day! 

Oh, and Jarvis is getting very good at helping mama put on her boots!

 (my toes are long gone!)

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