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04 November 2011

Project 52 | Attitude | Week 44

Motherhood is


And this little spitfire has plenty to go around.

He definitely has an opinion on everything these days,

and he doesn't hesitate to share it.

Our days are now filled with choices; and consequences.

"Do you want to wash your hands in the bathroom or the kitchen?"

(Because you're washing them one way or another!)

Oh yeah. That face. Really, mother??

I love his little attitude. His personality.

I do NOT love the fits and screaming and uncontrollable crying that comes along. His little OCD personality doesn't help. It has to be how he wants it. Or he pitches a fit. 

And this mama is quickly learning which battles are worth it, and how to teach choices and consequences. Wish me luck, we still have a long way to go ;)

Oh, and seconds later, I asked him to pose (instead of say cheese), and I got this face. Toddlers are so hot and cold, haha!

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