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06 April 2012

Twins | 2 months stats

*Project 52 will be posted tomorrow*

I can not believe my babies are 2 months today! They went to their 2 months checkup today, and I am so thankful daddy was home to watch the big boy so I only had to take 2 of the 3... it's hard enough with 2!

waiting in their carseats to be called back...

sweet little babies!

So here are their stats:

weight- 9lbs 10ozs  22nd percentile
length- 20.25 inches  0th percentile
height vs length ratio- 95th percentile

So basically, Joelle is not even on the chart for height because she is so short, but she is nice and chubby and  weighs alot for her height! Her little legs are so short! Greater than 95th percentile for height vs weight means they are overweight, so she is right on the border, lol...

weight- 10lbs 5 ozs  21st percentile
length- 22.5 inches  35th percentile
height vs length ratio-  15th percentile

Jonah is pretty much average although he is just a bit small. Nothing of concern though and he is gaining well.

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