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27 April 2012

Insta-Friday | the missing week

trying to catch up here... this is the 5 days of last week, before I broke my phone Friday night... 


1. spent a quiet evening painting chalkboard paint on the new Ikea craft table and the used train table... so exciting, I know!
2. Meet the wonder-pets. Jarvis adores their show (60 episodes on demand on netflix, yes please!). They came to our house to watch over him at night during the 'paci-tree' growth.


4. Planting his pacifers...
5. The next morning, a pacifier tree had grown! (aka, a cherry tomato seedling!)


5. Someone wasn't sleeping well because of a little congestion, so she spent a nap in the Moby. Love it.
6. That someone at the doctor getting her ears checked, all clear, no infections!


7. Sweetness.
8. Discovered how insanely easy it is to make your own chicken broth in the crockpot. Cost just a couple of cents (I had already made the chicken for dinner with the veggies, so just a few more spices and a bunch of water!). Made over 14 cups. Um. awesome. I mean, I get convenience food, but how have we gotten away from doing anything ourselves in this country? Such lazy people we are. 


 9. Haircut in town ALONE. Mommy time!
10. The tomato, jalapeno, and okra seedlings just before transplantation into bigger containers. Still too cold to plant, our last frost date is May 20...


 11. Who said it was ok for them to be big enough for the Bumbo seats. Deny, deny, deny.
12. Meet Owee (Owen), Jarvis loves to have him over. They wanted a picture with Luc. Easier said than done. 


13. Daddy got older! Happy Birthday morning snuggles from the littlest two.
14. Mommy and Jarvis made a whole wheat chocolate cake for Daddy. Sprinkles and two candles courtesy of Jarvis. 


 15 & 16. Learning more about cooking from scratch and with fresh grains. Slowly but surely cutting out all processed foods. 

 17. He sorted them by color and (almost) size all by himself. Seriously. I walked over and it was like this. Crazy. Little OCD boy.


Crider said...

Amazing... we did the same thing with the Ikea tables and put chalk board paint on them... it is deffintly a hit in our house

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

Love this. :) We love those wonder pets!!

Nessa Bixler said...

Hooray or a hair cut and some mommy time alone. The first time I made crock pot chicken stock - I was amazed and regreting all the boxed I wasted money on. Homemade is SO much better.