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22 June 2009

It's really a baby!

It's amazing how unreal this whole pregnancy has seemed to me, until today at least! I was finally able to get in for an ultrasound and some first trimester screening (albeit a little late!).

J, unfortunately, had to work, so after dropping him off at 6 am, I went to my appointment alone. It was absolutely incredible!! Here's the low down on little Froggie.

*is 6.72 cm long (about 3/4 of an inch)
*measured at 13 wks 1 day (about 4 days ahead, maybe we will have a Christmas baby!)
*loves to move all around, kicking legs, pumping arms, rolling around, and pushing up to arch his/her back (incredible to watch!)
*has all of the major organs although they are still refining
*has fully formed limbs (no more webbed fingers and toes) and is working on growing nails
*can swallow and process liquid and was happily drinking amniotic fluid, fascinating!
*has a steady, normal heartbeat of 147 bpm (music to my ears!)
*was annoyed with the pressure of the ultrasound and would not cooperate to measure the space behind the neck (took almost an hour!)
*finally got annoyed and ended the session by a little thumb sucking! (adorable!)

Here are some pictures!

Heartbeat! If you look at the white line across the picture, the heart is right under the break in the line, beating away!

Good profile shot, head to the right, legs up on the left, arms by side. Look at that little nose and belly :D Keep in mind, Froggie is less than an inch from crown to bum, about an inch including the legs!

Wriggling and arching, Froggie has crossed legs here, so you get to see the bottom of the right foot!

You can just see Froggie bringing the right hand up, thumb sticking out to place in the mouth! Froggie's mouth is open too if you look close enough! For the rest of the pictures, Froggie had that thumb firmly in the mouth!

I hope you enjoy those! It is an absolute miracle how God forms children in the their mother's wombs! Froggie is the size of a large olive, and yet looks very much like the newborn he/she will become.

As far as the screening goes, it is two part, ultrasound (which Froggie passed, all normal there) and blood work from me, which we will hear back on in about a week, but we aren't worried, it's a formality!

Momma is feeling good, much better! I am getting my energy back, slowly but surely, and have been getting more done and getting out to explore Albuquerque more! I am still losing weight despite attempting to eat more proteins and carbs, but the belly is sticking out there! They are not concerned at this point, but are hoping I will put on some pounds by my next appointment. How many times do doctors tell you to eat more? :D

Here's what to look forward to:
In the next five weeks before my next appointment, Froggie will have a fully functioning liver and kidney, will have four fully developed heart chambers (operating on two right now), will be covered in a soft, downy hair and have eyelashes, eyebrows and some hair, and will be about six inches long!

Much love to you all!
J & C


Pamela said...

How cool is this!! Way to go Chelsea on keeping us all informed. Kiss Froggie for us! Love to you all!!

The Guest Family said...

So fun!!! I LOVE will love it to. I have been meaning to email you about this AWESOME website I found that will help you turn your blog posts into a hard bound book! So cool! I am in the process of making my first one, so I will let you know how it goes. Oh, and congratulations!!! There is nothing better than being a Mommy...and I know you will be a great one (and Jace a great Daddy!). Enjoy every minute of your goes fast! Happy Blogging!