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28 October 2011

Project 52 | Understanding | Week 43

Motherhood is


I remember people saying, oh, you'll understand once you're a mother.

So true.

I now understand the decision and choices my parents made.

And I am so much more thankful for them than ever before.

Jarvis has the best grandparents ever. All of them!

I am single parenting for 10 days. Normally this wouldn't faze me, but as I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins, and my toddler weighs a hefty 30lbs and still needs quite a bit of assistance, my awesome mom came up to help for a few days. So thankful!

Gammie is taking care of the all the 'yucky' pumpkin carving duties that this little boy kept fussing over. I love their faces in this!!

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