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13 October 2011

this much [21 mos]

I get so behind on this... a week behind to be exact. But here it is. 

He turned 21 months last week. That seems SO close to 24 months, 2 years. But it's funny, the twins will be here by the end of January, and that seems so far away. Funny how time is perspective.

21 months. And 21 weeks 5 days. My babies.

It's getting harder and harder to pick him up, and hold his heavy little body. But he's still a baby in so many ways. 

He's talking in phrases now, connecting thoughts and expressing his feelings. He weighs in at 25lbs 7oz and uses a fork and spoon like a pro. He's still an awesome eater and sleeps 12 hours at night, with a one to two hour nap. He's getting better about us leaving him in daycare settings (bible study and church). 

He still wakes up every morning and nap asking for dada. The puppy is his BEST friend and must be released from the crate first thing every morning.  He is getting more and more gentle with the kitty and is getting to pet her more often. He loves kissing and hugging the 'babies' and thinks all their 'gear' is pretty awesome. 

Dada gave him his first taste of soda, and now he opens his mouth like a baby bird anytime he sees one of my drinks.

Sharing is still a challenge for us. Especially since playgroups are usually at his house and they are HIS toys. 

He's wonderful.

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