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15 October 2011

Project 52 | Military | Week 41

Motherhood is


At least my version of it is. 

And that means a remote base, sacrifice, long unpredictable work hours, 

and having to single parent more than I (or he) would like.

It also means loyal, deep friendships with women who really get you,

despite the knowledge that they will move, and sooner than you wish.

(stand-out print of photo taken by Stacy VanDyck Photography)

One of these ladies and her 3 sweet children have already moved on to a new AF adventure in Colorado this past summer. I take another and her 3 kids to the airport today. They are on their way to England.

These kids are Jarvis' best friends. The first names he learned to say. The kids that he gets so excited to see that he runs around cackling like a dolphin. These ladies are a HUGE part of the reason I have survived and grown the past year and a half. They are the ones I trust the most to watch Jarvis. And they are the ones he never cries with. And I'm pretty sure snuggling that little baby up there for an entire weekend is the reason I hyper-ovulated and am having twins. 

The military is often not a very friendly environment. We move often, husbands work long, very unpredictable hours. Your husband's career is the focus of your life. From where you live, to how long, to how big of a house, to your monthly budget, it's all determined by the rank they wear and the job they do. We sacrifice often for their jobs, for his chance to live his dream.

But what we get back in the bargain, it's completely worth it. 

Military wives are a different breed. They are loving, and supportive. welcoming and open-hearted. They know exactly what it's like to have your husband deploy and leave you with 3 children 2 and under. They know. And because they know, they support. Because someday, that will be them, and someone else will step up and help them.

I am blessed to be a part of this group. This amazing community of women here in Minot. And today, saying goodbye to one of them and kids that I know like my own, I'm sad. But I know it's not goodbye. It's just a really good reason to visit England for the first time! 

We will miss you, Baileys. Best of luck across the pond!

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