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15 June 2010

Roller Coaster!

My goodness,

I am horrible at this!! Things have been SUPER busy around here!! I have had several large orders and having been spending most of my days sewing! But things have calmed down a bit, so here's what we are up to.

Jarvis is now 5 months old!! He's getting to be such a chunky little happy baby. He smiles and giggles all the time! And he is definitely a boy: he loves being "rocketed" up into the air by daddy, being "scooped" up off the changing pad or floor, being bounced around in any way, and EVERY silly noise mommy can make!

Physically, he is moving right along. He sleeps consistently on his tummy and can roll from front to back and back to front without problem, but still only in one direction. He is getting SO CLOSE to sitting up, it's amazing. He can sit in the bumbo seat no problem, and pretty well in his high chair. And with a little support he sits on the ground. He still leans forward and can't get back up, and will often just tip to one side all of the sudden! But now that he can sit more, he prefers to be sitting up instead of laying down most of the time!! If you are trying to hold him in a cradled position, he pushes his little elbows back and tries to push up into a sitting position. Stubborn little boy! He actually reached down and grabbed his feet for the first time a few days ago, and has discovered they are quite the fun little toy! He weighed in at a whopping 16lbs, 8 ozs and 25 inches long. He has little rolls ALL OVER the place!!

On a not so good note, he and mommy both came down with a nasty cold last week. It's been pretty rough. He's fine and happy while he's awake, but lying down means lots of runny noses and coughing. He spent a couple of days just napping in mommy and daddy's arms- which is very abnormal!! He woke several times a night coughing and coughing. Poor baby. Unfortunately, I think mommy felt even worse than he did. I couldn't stop coughing during the day or night! It's hard not be able to give him any medicine to make him feel better. But both he and I are on the mend, he coughed a little last night, but no waking, yay! And his naps are getting back on track!

As far as sleeping goes, he gets up at 7am, is up until 825, down for a nap until 1030, up until 1200, down for a nap until 200, up until 335, down for a shorter nap until 500, then to bed at 7. So he stays up anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours now, it has been so much fun to have him awake for longer stretches of time! More time to bathe, take walks, eat solids, run errands, etc!

As far as eating goes, when he came down with the cold, we noticed a significant decrease in his milk intake, which we thought was just due to being sick and not feeling like eating. But after several days of fussing while eating (very abnormal), a light bulb went on in my head! He was probably ready to switch to a faster flow nipple. So after 3 days of waiting to get them in the mail, boo for not having stores around here... we switched and he is back to his big eater ways! He is still getting around 38 oz of formula a day, big boy! As far as purees, it's been a bit of a roller coaster! He initially loved sweet potatoes, apples, was so-so about the rice cereal and HATED peas. We tried to introduce avocados (which are a great first baby food- but I am slightly allergic to, although I eat them anyway!) and he had an adverse reaction. Lots of rubbing his ears (like his throat itched), very poor sleeping, lots of pooping. So we are holding off on those until he gets a bit older. Then he got sick, and the solids eating went out the window. I think he found it hard to eat when his nose was so stuffy, and he just wasn't hungry. But it has picked up again, we've introduced pears and bananas, and he loves both of them, but sweet potatoes seem to not be a hit lately. In a couple of days, we are trying sweet potatoes mixed with broccoli, and continuing with oatmeal and peas. Hopefully now that he is feeling better, we can go back to introducing new foods every 3 days or so.

Daddy has been working like crazy lately. They only have a few co-pilots right now until some new guys get completely ready to fly, so he is flying twice a day, which according to him is physically and mentally exhausting! He usually goes into work at 7am and is home between 5-6pm. He only gets about 1 hour in between flights that isn't spent pre-/post-briefing or flying. Long days.

Like I said earlier, I have had several large orders and have been sewing like crazy! Plus I've been working on redecorating some of the rooms in our house! I've realized I've just been throwing stuff up on the walls, since I knew we were moving, but now I can actually decorate for the space, since we will be here a while! Pictures soon.

We were thrilled to have my grandparents visit us this past weekend! I know they enjoyed the one on one time with Jarvis, and he certainly did! He just laughed and giggled at them, and loved having an audience. The puppy LOVED having them here as well, he had play buddies who weren't too busy working on doing housework to play with him!! I think he's going to sleep for the next few days!! We really appreciated them taking the time and energy to come out and visit us all the way up here!

New pictures on shutterfly, so check there.

Much love!
J, C, & J

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