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24 October 2010

9.5 months...

Well, Jarvis certainly needs an update, he has changed so much in the past couple of weeks! I've been meaning to write this post all week, so hopefully I can get it done during naptime!

He now has 4 teeth total, the top two have broken through. The two on each side of those are near the surface too and will probably come in sometime in the next couple of weeks. He has not been as fussy for these teeth, and I hope that will be normal! He's still such a good natured baby most of the time, it's very nice.

On the playing front, we have added some toys to his playroom and have noticed some hilarious things! We put up a magnetic white board and added some multi-colored letters. Since then, we have noticed that prefers the blue Os. It doesn't matter how you mix them up, he will go straight for the blue Os and pull them off. He does pull the other letters off, but blue Os are a favorite... and he's smart enough to pick them out!

Another 'accidental' toy we added were empty two-liter dr. pepper bottles. He LOVES them. We've had them out for two weeks and he plays with them the majority of the time. They are easy for him to grab and make lots of noise when hit on things! I just added buttons and rice to them, and now he loves that they make even more noise! (Don't worry, he can't get them open!) Seriously though... the cheapest toys.... paper towel rolls, boxes that packages come in, kitchen utensils, the simple stuff is his favorite!

We've also noticed an amazing ability to use his 'mutant' thumbs (as Daddy calls them). He has developed the ability to control them and use them like any other finger. He can palm the side of the two-liters or 3-inch balls with no problem. He picks up containers and bowls with one hand. When we would use our first finger to reach out and touch something or explore the texture or such, he uses his thumb. It's really quite fascinating to watch. He will most likely be palming a basketball by his early teens, something not even all grown men can do! I was most worried about the functional use of his thumbs, but he seems to be taking it all in stride, which considering his thumbs are 'normal' to him, shouldn't be too surprising!!

He now stands without issue and has begun 'cruising' along tables and couches. He is very close to walking, but I think it will still be a few weeks before he gets enough balance, strength, and bravery to try standing alone and walking.

Last weekend, one of the songs played on his toy that we hear often, it's about saying hello and goodbye on the phone. I waved bye-bye at him, and he waved back for the first time!! Since then, he will wave hello and goodbye fairly consistently. He chooses not to if he's occupied playing or isn't comfortable in the situation, but he has defiantly shown understanding and response to hello and goodbye. It's so much fun to see the beginnings of communication. We can't wait to see more of his personality as he starts communicating more!

On that same note, he also recognizes the phrases 'puppy-dog' and 'kitty-cat.' If I say either of those, he looks around for Luc and Juliette. He defiantly gets those two, and LOVES chasing them. The puppy has gotten pretty good about letting Jarvis crawl all over him. The cat on the other hand, she RUNS when she sees him coming!! He is fascinated with her, and will try to catch her every time. He has a special voice for when he is talking to the puppy or kitty, and it's hilarious to hear. I never realized how often I say 'puppy-dog' and 'kitty-cat' or that I consistently talk to them in a different tone of voice. But I must, since he mimics what I do all day long! I can tell he and the pup are going to be good friends!

Just for fun, here are some of his favorite foods: oatmeal with fruit, any kind of fruit puree, yougurt, avacado, bananas, yogurt, cheese, wheat bread, turkey pieces, extra-firm tofu, rice cakes, cheerios, and oh, did I mention yogurt?? :) He still does a mix of bottle, then purees, then finger foods at every meal. And we are slowly mastering the sippy cup, finally!

We were thrilled to have visitors this past week, Jarvis had a blast with Poppy and Omi, Jace's dad and step-mother. They got to play and hang out with Jarvis for several days, and even got a low fly-over from Jace in the Huey! Big thanks to them for coming all the way up here, it was wonderful to see them!!

Last thing I wanted to mention was Christmas presents for Jarvis. I am putting together a list of 'recommended' gifts or suggestions for Jarvis. Our goal is to buy toys that have multiple uses, can grow with him and be used for more than just a month. My list will consist of a lot of developmental toys that encourage learning while playing. That does not mean you HAVE to buy anything on the list, anything you want to buy him is fine!! But I will give suggestions as to age appropriateness and interest level and clothing sizes to help you out :) So be watching for that in the next week or two.

Much love to you all,

J, C, & J

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