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08 November 2009

Home for a while!

Well, a lot has happened in the past three weeks! We made it to Minot safe and sound with only minor incident (a blown tire on the trailer, easy fix!). We really have been blessed to make 3 cross country moves in the past 2 years and have no major breakdowns, accidents, or problems! We had the opportunity to stay with family along the way, J's Grandma, my cousins, and my aunt and uncle. It was wonderful to see all of them, and they were very sweet to us and the pup and kitty!

As we drove into town, we were pleasantly surprised at the size and variety of shops! The base is about 20-30 minutes north of the town and is nice sized itself. We checked in to Temporary Lodging and stayed there for two weeks. Moving with the military is basically a lot of hurry up and wait, briefing, and paperwork! We are mostly done with all the in-processing stuff and were assigned a house last week! They had told us it would be December before we got a house, but it only took two weeks, thank goodness!

It's a new house, they literally finished construction a few days before we moved in! It's a three bedroom, two bath, two story house with an attached two-car garage, just perfect! We spent last week painting, buying some new furniture, and unpacking what little stuff we had. We are now waiting for the shipment of the rest of our household goods that has been in storage for the past 7 months. Excited for it to get here, but concerned about it's condition since it's been in non-climate controlled and loaded and unloaded quite a bit!

J leaves for survival training this next weekend and will be gone for three weeks. After that he will be able to fly and will start up with the squadron here.

Froggie and I are still heathly and growing as of my last appointment. Still on track and have finally hit 8 months! Just 8 weeks left to go, we can't wait!! Hope you all are doing well.

Here's a recent picture:

Much love, J

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Beverly said...

Wow Chels, I still can't really believe the baby is amost here! I'm glad to hear the move went well and I can't wait to meet little Froggie.