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08 December 2009

36 weeks and Growing!

Sorry it's been a while again! We have been busy, busy!

J spent 3 weeks TDY to Spokane, Washington for survival training, part of which was a repeat of some he had done at the Academy and some of it new. It's a rough 3 weeks, they simulate camping survival, evading being caught, POW and hostage situations, and escaping. He was glad to be home!

And of course, the day after he left for 3 weeks, all of our belongings were finally delivered to the house! Perfect timing :D Luckily, my mom was able to take some time off and come up here for a week to help me unpack and she was AMAZING! We unpacked and even decorated for Christmas during that week, and it's so nice to have all of our things back and to be settled somewhere! There are still some things to complete to get completely settled, mostly things the hubby needs to help with, but we are pretty much ready for baby!

Speaking of baby, last week we hit 36 weeks, 9 months, and Froggie is now considered full term and they will deliver when I go into labor! We are both still healthy and growing! We are still doing by the December 30th due date, but who knows when this little one will come into the world!

Here's the latest picture- it seems like we are rapidly growing lately!

Not a lot of news, just progressing normally. I move to weekly appointments starting this Thursday, so we might have more information after then!

I will post pictures of the house soon!

We love and miss you all!

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