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23 December 2009

A Very Comfy Baby...

So I feel like this baby is like a household goods shipment when we are moving- they always give you a date that they promise your belongings will arrive no later than, but you never know when you will get that 8 am call saying they are on the base and headed to your house.

I am 39 weeks today, but there is not much going on as far as baby goes, so the doctor has scheduled an induction date of 7 am January 5th. If the baby has not arrived one it's own by then- the doctor will use a variety of methods to encourage the baby to come out. In 7 days I will be considered 40 weeks- my due date, December 30th. They do not like the baby to go more than a week or two past that date for health reasons. We are excited to meet this little one, but also know that labor will be easier on both me and the baby if we let it come in it's own time. Hopefully Froggie will decide that's before the New Year and make Daddy really happy!

Here's my 39 weeks picture...

So keep checking back, but know that at the very latest, we will have a baby by January 6th!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Eve tomorrow- we love you all!


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