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31 December 2009

Due date expiration!

Well, yesterday was 40 weeks, Froggie's due date! We are officially overdue now. We had another appointment yesterday and nothing is happening with labor! It's standard procedure to conduct a Non-Stress Test on the baby when they are overdue. I sat with a fetal heart monitor and contraction monitor and movement recorder for 45 minutes while they monitor to make sure the baby is still doing well. The baby was rather sleepy and did not do as well on the test as they would like to see. So we did a BioPhysical Profile using an ultrasound. They check the baby's heartbeat, breathing motions, and muscle development and the amount of fluid to make sure the baby is still tolerating being in the womb and still getting the necessary nourishment. Froggie looked good on that, so they are letting us go another week!

The induction is scheduled for 7 am on January 5th. If the baby has not made an appearance by then, whether I am in labor or not, they will using drugs to speed up the process. I am not thrilled about being induced- it makes labor much harder on me and the baby, and increases my chances of having to get a c-section, but the doctor doesn't want to let the baby go too far overdue.

So as J and I discussed this morning- only 5 more nights of uninterrupted sleep! We will let you know of course if baby comes sooner, but if not- expect news on the 5th as to how labor is going and how baby and I are doing!

Here's the 40 weeks picture:

It looks like we are having a 2010 baby!

Much love, J

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