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13 February 2010

Sweet little boy...

Hello all!

Well, Jarvis is almost 6 weeks old, we can't believe it!

It has been a rough week though, but is looking up! Like I said before, Jarvis is a very content baby, he slept pretty well and seemed to be eating well, however he seemed to be thinning out a lot and last Friday, I became more concerned about Jarvis' weight gain, or possible lack of weight gain. He didn't act hungry or unsatisfied, but I scheduled a visit from the lactation consultant on Monday to assess his latch and see if she could help make sure he was getting enough. She was concerned about his weight gain as well, so Tuesday morning I took him in to be weighed.

In the span of 3 weeks, Jarvis had gone from his birth weight (7lbs, 8 oz) to 8lbs, 2 oz, which is only 10 oz, about half of what he should have gained. Long story short, after much troubleshooting and issues, we've switched to exclusively formula feeding. On Thursday morning, we took him to see the pediatrician for a check up and Jarvis weighed in at 8lbs, 7 oz- which means he gained 5oz in just 2 days- the formula was working!!

His appetite has gone through the roof now!! He is eating like crazy and gaining weight! And now sleeps even better and is even more content- unless you take the bottle away in the middle of the feeding- he wants his milk!! :D

We had some professional photos taken by a friend of him at 2 weeks old, here's the link to view them. You can also order them from this link- just add to your cart in the bottom right corner:

Here are a few one month photos of him that I took, isn't he adorable!!:

We have had to update the dates for our Texas trip, but we are looking forward to it! Can't wait to see everyone there! Email update on that coming soon!

Other than that we are good! J is flying a bunch, long hours, we've had tons of crazy snow and ready for spring!

Much love,

J, C, &J

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