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12 March 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Jarvis is 2 months old! (One week ago :D)

Sorry I'm a little behind! Jarvis is actually 2 months and one week tomorrow!

He is growing like crazy! Monday he had his 2 month checkup. He weighed in at 11lbs 2 oz- up from 8lbs 2 oz at 5 weeks! He was 23 inches long, up from 20 inches at birth, and his head was 15.5 inches, up from 13 inches at birth. The doctor checked him over and he looked fine! He is growing really well on the formula, eating like crazy! He feeds 6 times during the day and usually takes 5.5-6 ozs at each feeding. He is working on sleeping through the night, but still wakes a couple nights a week for an ounce or 2 of formula around 4 am. But he is well on his way!

He has hit several milestones in the past few weeks. Around 5 or 6 weeks, he started smiling "socially." Which means he smiles when he sees J or I and enjoys making faces and smiling during play time. The best is when one of us is feeding him and then other walks in the room. When he catches sight of the person walking in, he smiles around his bottle- just makes your heart melt!! He also started "talking" A LOT!! He coos and aaas in conversations with us, talks to his toys, and even 'sings' along with the lullaby we sing when he goes down for naps/bedtime.

He has also started actually being interested in toys and mobiles! He spends some time every day laying under the play gym and is fascinated by the mobiles I made for his room. He has also discovered that he can control his arms and legs! If you lay him on his back, he kicks and jerks his arms up down. He often hits himself in the head because his control is not completely there, the poor thing! But he does have enough control to bat at toys and mobiles, and he attempts to open his hand and grasp at them!

He continues to hold his head up well during tummy time, and can hold it no problem while being held upright.

He naps well most of the time, and like I said, is sleeping more at night, which makes Mommy and Daddy happy!

Overall he is a very happy content baby! He does really well on his three hour schedule, and seems to bounce back pretty well from missed naps or being out and about, but does become fussier in those situations. Like any 2 month old, he needs his naps!

Here are my favorite picture from his 2 month shoot that I did- there are more on shutterfly!

He and I will be making our way to Texas in just over a week- we can't wait! I am a bit nervous about traveling alone with him- it's over 8 hours of travel! And figuring out what to pack has been a little different (those cloth diapers are heavy!)

J is doing well at work, very busy, but lots of flying, which is good. He is always working on projects: worktable for garage, computer, hidden monitor in the living room... etc! I have started up an online store to sell my sewing crafts after several orders from friends here in Minot. I am also continuing to sell my scrapbooking supplies. Plus I have made lots of great friends- I go to a Christian group called Mothers of Preschoolers once a week and participate in a playgroup with a bunch of other mothers. Jarvis is the youngest, so he doesn't really play, but it's good Mommy time!

The weather has warmed up here, it's been in the 30s!! The snow is melting and we are seeing roads, driveways, and sidewalks for the first time in several months! The fog has been really bad, but the sun peeks out occasionally! However, we've heard to expect a least a couple more snow storms before spring comes to stay! All I can say- I think I may actually prefer the snow to the mud that has taken over our backyard! Muddy, muddy puppy paws!

Love you all!
J, C, & J


Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us updated! you will love having these written memories! love ya!

Plane Jane said...

Hey Chelsea :-) Love the post! Jarvis sounds jut perfect. Can't wait to meet him one day... and since that day will probably be far away I love seeing updates about him. Glad you got down to Texas safe and sound. Enjoy your trip!