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18 April 2010

So behind!

Well, Jarvis is now over 3 months old! Sorry!!

We have spent the past month in Texas visiting family. It has been really wonderful to see everyone, but Jarvis and I are happy to be heading home tomorrow!

Jarvis has been growing like crazy- here's what he has been up to lately:

A couple of days ago, he rolled over from his tummy to his back several times, but hasn't done it since!! He now has no trouble reaching out and grasping toys and pulls everything towards his mouth. He smiles and laughs ALL the time! He LOVES being naked, his favorite time is getting his diaper changed- such a boy!

He opens his hand completely now, no more tucked thumb! But he still only sucks on his whole fist or first fingers, hasn't gotten the thumb in there yet! He loves reading books, attempts to turn pages, and wants to feel the pictures.

He is a complete FLIRT!! He smiles at all the ladies, but he is really fascinated by deep male voices. He tends to always turn and find the male voice around him.

He dropped the 'swaddle' (blanket wrapped around him to pin his arms to his side) a few weeks ago. The purpose of the swaddle to to help him sleep so his arms don't startle him while sleeping on his back. He was fighting it like crazy and waking himself up, so we dropped it sooner rather than later. He now sleeps in a wearable blanket to keep him warm, what a big boy! We discovered why he was fighting it so much, he now sleeps on his side! His hips are flat, but both arms are to the left and his head is on it's side. So adorable!

I swear he has put on at least 3 pounds since we have been here, he is such a little chunk. I've had to put away all of his 3 mo. clothing, he is now in Mediums, or 3-6 months. What a big boy!! He is still eating every 3 hours (around 33-35 oz total a day!), and sleeps for 10-11 hours a night about 3 nights a week. The others nights, he usually wakes once at around 3 am.

I'll post some pictures soon, but go check out for lots of pictures. You can also go to to view a bunch more videos of the little bitty!

We love you all!
J, C, & J

We really enjoyed our time down in Texas and getting to see a lot of family and friends!

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