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09 May 2010

Sweet boy

The little boy just keeps growing! Jarvis is now 4 months, can you believe it!

He had his 4 month well baby appointment this week, and he weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 10 oz! Just 6oz shy of doubling his birth weight! He was in the 66th percentile as far as weight went. He was 24.5 inches long (52th percentile) and his head was 16.5 inches around (56th percentile). He seemed to have a memory of his 2 month appointment, and getting shots, and was NOT HAPPY when the doctor started looking him over. The little drama boy didn’t even get shots, despite all the crying, as immunizations was closed for the day: he doesn’t know what he’s in for tomorrow L

He is eating like a little piggy (35-40 oz a day!) and to keep up with his ravenous food intake we are starting to introduce solid foods to him as of yesterday. We are of course starting with the basic rice cereal to get him acquainted with the process of eating food. But soon we will be introducing him to a wide variety of foods that mommy has prepared for him. That’s right, instead of buying the yucky jar food Chelsea is making her own (does that surprise you really?). It ends up costing less than a fourth as much and of course then we know exactly what goes in it, and it tastes good enough that I, daddy, helped myself to some of the leftovers! He wasn’t completely sure what to think of the cereal, it was very thin, so he will actually swallow it. But with a little practice, we are sure he will be eating like crazy. Next thing we know, pizza and brisket with daddy!

Currently Jarvis’ favorite activities are (in order) 1. Being naked, (yup still his favorite) 2. Playing with toys in his play gym or with mommy or daddy 3. Putting anything and everything in his mouth 4. “Reading” books (lots of colors!) 5. Bath time (being naked! But we’re still not totally sure what to do about the water.)

Some new skills we’ve learned/mastered is the ability to reach out (willfully) and grab things with both hands (usually followed by pulling them to his mouth.) The ability (and desire) to roll over consistently from his back to his front so that he can sleep on his belly. The flip side of that is that he has yet to roll from his front to his back consistently, so when he wakes up in the night and would like to be on his back, he gets frustrated (read: cries.) We are also starting to show signs of wanting to try and standup, usually in the form of supporting his weight on his legs while mommy is trying to burp him. We are still working on sitting up without the help of the bumbo seat, but we get closer everyday. Soon I think he’ll be getting his drivers license and going to college.

Make sure you are checking shutterfly for pictures and you tube for new videos- including a new cereal one!

Mommy celebrated her first, official, Mother’s Day today (she was still in-training last year). She has been sewing lots for friends, and recently acquired a new toy. She now has an sewing/embroidery machine, and has been using it quite a bit to fulfill orders and to start up her new online shop- more information on that soon. Daddy has been flying like crazy and the squadron just had a very good inspection. The weather is finally warming up around here (mid 40s-50s… haha) and daddy is planting a garden. Everything is green and some days are warm enough for walks.

Miss you all-

J, C, & J

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