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07 July 2010

6 Months!

Happy half-birthday (yesterday) to Jarvis! Our boy is now six months and he’s getting bigger and learning more everyday!

The last week or so has been a tough time because Jarvis has been “mister fussy pants” as opposed to his usual “Mister happy/giggle pants” self. The good news is that he seems to be breaking through this period of fussiness we have associated with a “Wonder week” (a mental developmental leap) and as a result seems to be picking up on some new skills! In just the last few days Jarvis has really started to fine tune his balance and he is now all but able to sit up by himself. Another result of this is that he is able to support his own weight standing up straight. Of course, he still has to be kept from falling over, but previously he was sticking his butt out and relying on us to hold some of his weight instead of standing up straight.

Right now his favorite activity is sitting inside his excersaucer, though being naked on the changing pad is still a close second and a new activity we just introduced today may be his favorite soon. Today we decided with his new gains in balance he might be able to finally be safe in the jumper! So we gave it a shot and he took to it pretty quickly and had a ball. Check out the video on youTube (to be posted later today) to see some bouncy giggles.

Today he had his six month appointment and turns out he’s right on track. He was 17lbs 10oz which is in the 68th percentile, his head was 17.25 inches in circumference which is in the 53rdpercentile (right in the middle) and his length was 25.5” in the 30th percentile (not surprised he’s short.) We have to go back for shots on Monday L.

He seems to be on track for all his developmental milestones and we can’t wait to see him get to all the ones in the future, but not too fast!

Much love, J, C, & J

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