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10 July 2010

Growing by another 2 feet!

We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting another baby in February!! So far, "Duckie" (as we've named this one!) is due February 2nd, which means I am almost 11 weeks along! Nearly 3 months :D

Duckie has all of it's major organs, can move it's arms and legs and is just over an inch long! I have had very different symptoms as of yet, guess every pregnancy really is different! J is very very excited about another little one, Jarvis has NO CLUE how his life has changed, and both the puppy and kitty are complaining, haha!

Jarvis will be just shy of 13 months when Duckie is due, and all I keep thinking is that I hope he walks early, haha! We know it will be challenging in many ways, but we are so excited to see how close the two of them are when they grow up.

Once again, we will not be finding out the baby's gender, nor will we be sharing any names until Duckie makes his/her appearance. If I make a slip and refer to Duckie as "he" it is simply because I've gotten used to "he" with Jarvis, please don't read anything into it, I swear we don't know!!

We love you all and miss you very much!! Thank you to all of you who have taken me up on my webcam offer in the past week, we have enjoyed seeing and talking to you!!

J, C, J, and Duckie

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