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11 December 2010

mr. six tooths...

Well, tooth #6 has popped through, we are SUPER close to walking, and our comprehension has gone through the roof! He has started obeying no-touch to pretty much anything! He will start to go through a door he isn't supposed to, I'll say no-touch, and he will back up and close the door! Ahhh! Such an improvement!

We have also started the process to switch from formula to whole milk, and bottle to sippy! He now gets 1/2 formula, 1/2 milk bottles, and gets a sippy of milk with meals (in addition to his sippy of water all the time).

We have also confirmed that he talks in his sleep like his mommy :) I will often hear 'talking' at night, turn on the monitor, and he is passed out. Apparently, J tells me that I talk alot at night... he says 'all done' is a favorite... I guess I am checking off to-do lists in my dreams! I can't wait to see what Jarvis says at night!

Lots of new pictures on the shutterfly site... but here are a few cute ones!

Standing out in the freezing cold waiting for Santa to fly-in....

With Santa on the Huey!

Daddy's co-pilot!!

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Yeah! can't wait to see it!