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07 May 2011

this much [16 mos]

I never thought I would be able to name every type of construction vehicle and it's purpose, but thanks to this cutie, I can. And do. daily.

My child has an obsession with vehicles. And by obsession, I mean over the top, crazy LOVE of 'tucks,' as he calls them. He will be playing with a toy in the yard and will stop everything he is doing to point at every single car that comes by. He gets especially excited over the big UPS or Fedex trucks. Or the street sweeper (which yes, runs constantly up here because they dump dirt on the roads to melt the snow).

We dropped the morning nap before our trip. And as freeing as it is to be able to go places in the morning, that 7am-1215pm stretch can get REALLY long. He seems to get the fussies around 1000, when he gets bored of his toys and mama. 

Lucky for him, and me, they are continuing the constant construction up here, and there are ALWAYS construction vehicles working on the houses up. the street from us. So pretty much daily, now that it's warm enough, we walk down and sit across from the construction zone and watch trucks. He will sit for 30 minutes solid, pointing at the trucks, just mesmerized by how big they are. We talk about what they are doing, where they are moving the dirt, and all the noises they make. In this picture, he was pointing out a small bulldozer across the street. 

I love my life. Construction trucks and all!

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Tori @ said...

how'd you get this pic? it's awesome!!!! great job!!!