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16 June 2011

Project 52 | Growth | Week 24

Motherhood is


I'm not the same woman I was when he was born. 
Or even the same one I was when we lost Job. 
It is a constant, sometimes painful, growing process as a mother.
But I wouldn't be the mother I am today without them.

My husband is an amazing gardener. He spent hours researching and determining how to set up, plant, maintain, and harvest our garden. The weather is finally warm enough up here and the garden is taking off! One of his pet projects is the asparagus. They take several seasons to mature fully and since we will likely be moving in less than 2 years, he created these wonderful portable boxes. They have chicken wire and gardening cloth on the bottom to allow them to drain, but they keep the dirt and roots contained and can be lifted by the rope handles on the side. Genius! A careful mixture of tilled soil, peat moss, and homemade compost have created excellent growing conditions in this hard North Dakota clay.

I took the picture on the left Monday of the very first asparagus shoot when it was just about 3 inches tall. And just 3 days later it is already well over a foot tall! There are now over 10 shoots in the two boxes, and several are starting to fern!

I am amazed every day how much all the plants have grown. 

I have a similar feeling when I look at Jarvis. He grows and changes daily. And when I think back to the mother I was to that tiny newborn, I know I am different. More confident, more informed, more positive, more hopeful. I still have a long way to go, but I've got another 16.5 years to work on it! (Really, even longer than that- mothering doesn't stop when they turn 18!).

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