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01 June 2012

Insta-Friday | week 23

So things are changing here on the blog! I have not been feeling inspired by Project 52 this year... I've changed the theme, but I still don't feel it. However, I really enjoyed the 10 on 10 project last month and I think it fits what I am looking for more and challenges me as a photographer more.

I don't like quitting things, but honestly, this blog is about my family and how I feel, and I am just not feeling it. I may take it up again another year, but for now, Project 52 is out, and Insta-Monday will now be Insta-Friday! Enjoy :)

1. Vegan Strawberry ice cream with coconut milk!
2. Letting him peel his own orange= being able to get dinner on the table without lots of fussing, and good practice for his fine motor skills!

3. I have started a [home]preschool with Jarvis. I didn't realize just how much I missed lesson planning and teaching! It's fairly low key and basic, but it's good for both of us to focus on some direct instruction every day! I have plans to add more and expand it, but for now, Brightly Beaming is working well for us!
4. The morning message and weekly bible verse. The teacher in me wants to have everything all set up and ready to go, but he's not ready for that! We will be adding to our morning message board as he gets ready!

**and no, I do not know if I will homeschool our kids, it depends on alot of factors and is something we will prayerfully consider when the time comes, however for now, doing preschool at home is perfect for all 5 of us.


5. Need to do a big garden post, but here's a sneak peek! 4 types of lettuce and peas growing up the netting, strawberries in the smaller boxes, and then peppers behind them! (the tomatoes and all the squashes are in beds along the back of the house, and the potatoes are in potato bags)
6. Garlic and asparagus are growing very well and the carrots are sprouting next to the garlic, with onions in the back bed behind that. And one of the sneaky-plant-eating animals, snot kitty.

7. 3 month check up. at almost 4 months old. haha, mama fail! (stats next week!) Every doctor appt up until now they have both been angels. This time, Joelle was ANGRY that I woke her up from nap early. That girl loves to sleep. and eat. Don't mess with her sleep or food! by the way, taking 2 babies to the doctor at the same time is stressful, thank goodness I have friends to watch big brother!

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