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03 June 2012

this much [4 months] | Joelle and Jonah

almost 4 months old!!

my babies are growing like weeds!

They are such little sweethearts! They both have started sleeping 11-12 hours at night, but they like to rotate nights, so far we haven't had a night where they both have slept the whole night! They will get there though! They typically go to bed around 6pm, one of the them wakes to eat around 2/3, and then they get up for the day around 6am. I really have no complaints, they are doing awesome. We usually have to go in once of twice for each and soothe/give them a pacifier, but if they fall back asleep quickly then I know they aren't hungry. If they are hungry, they let you know :)

They had a checkup last week and they are little chunks! They are both growing very well.

Weight: 12lbs 4oz, 26th percentile
Height: 22inches, 0th percentile
Height vs Weight: 93rd percentile

Weight: 13lbs 7oz, 27th percentile
Height: 23.75inches, 17th percentile
Height vs Weight: 59th percentile

Jonah has better head control than Joelle now, but they both are enjoying tummy time and time in the bumbo seats. They are now on a combo 3.5/4 hour eating schedule and take 3 naps, anywhere from 2.5-1.5 hours in length. Neither one has rolled over yet, but they are both pushing off with their feet, can't wait until they do! They both love grabbing things with their hands and pulling stuff to their mouths. They giggle and talk a bunch. Joelle is such a smiley baby, she adores any attention and would love if someone just held and smiled at her all day long. Jonah is very curious and loves talking to his toys. 

Just a few more pictures to enjoy!

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