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05 January 2011

2010 | Jarvis' first year

So, instead of doing two recaps (2010 and Jarvis' first year) I'm combining them! Most of 2010 is about our sweet boy anyway!

Just a warning, this is VERY picture heavy!!!

On the eve of my baby turning 1, I am remembering what it was like to be in the hospital in labor with him... I've never actually written his birth story down (newborns keep you busy!) so maybe later this week I will do that. For my memory's sake! But I do remember the anticipation, the fear, the unknown, the excitement. I knew my life was changing big time, but I still had no idea what an impact this sweet boy would have on us. Granted, it's a lot harder to do some of the things we used to do, and I have a new understanding of complete sleep deprivation, but the highlight of my day is seeing that sweet face! He's changed so much and grown so much!! I'm planning on writing a 12 months update... so watch for that, but now... onto the recap!


Morning of the induction, Jan 5, 40weeks, 6 days

Just born- IT'S A BOY!  Jan 6, 11:20 am, 7lbs, 8 oz, 20 inches long

Heading home! Jarvis William

Our new little family!

Our little Froggie! 


Smiley babers!

Head control- check!

This is also when Jarvis began to lose weight due to nursing issues and we switched to formula :( not what I wanted, but better for him in the long run! February's pictures are the hardest to look at because he has thinned out so much and lost his hair. :(


We went to Texas!! (I have apparently misplaced half my pictures from this trip... more to come later!)

Jarvis meets his cousins, the Mason-Briscoe clan!

Jarvis gets baptized at Hope Presbyterian (where I was baptized and in a family gown). 

Of course, bluebonnet pictures! 

We roll over for the first time!! 

 He meets Great-grandparents!


We start independent play time in the Pac N Play!

Mr. Handsome! We finally start packing back on the weight (and hair) after our feeding issues.


We learn to roll over consistently and start sleeping that way, which Momma is not a big fan of! :(

Bathing in the bigger boy bathtub! 

A little ham! 

We eat cereal for the first time, not really sure what to think!


We go swimming for first time in Minot's freezing waters!

We start practicing with the sippee! 

Great-grandparents Bowen come up for a visit! 

6.10.2010, we discover that Baby #2 is on the way, due February 2nd.


We start on veggies and fruits! Yum!

We discover, and fall in love with the jumper! 

We make a quick trip to Texas to meet Uncle Chris for the first time! 

We enjoy swimming much more in the Texas heat! 


We've got this sippee cup figured out!

We discover puppy wants to eat our food...

We diagnosed Jarvis with Triphalangeal Thumbs. 

And underwent futher testing to determine it was an isolated mutation. Praise the Lord!

Jarvis got his first tooth! 

And we packed up, after just 7 months, and moved into a bigger house! 


This was one of the hardest months we have ever faced in our lives. On the 16th, we discovered that our Duckie had passed. Job Whitcomb McCown was stillborn on September 18th.

We fall asleep in the highchair for the first and only time after a friend's birthday party!

Someone discovers independent play time isn't so independent after all! 

Jarvis finger paints for the first time! 

Jarvis pulls up to standing for the first time! And independent play time moves into the crib in his room! 

We enjoy the gorgeous fall weather with the swing in our backyard! 


 Jarvis got his first haircut (this is before!)

Visited a North Dakota Pumpkin patch and corn maze! 

Took some fall pictures! 

Jarvis was a monkey for his first Halloween! 

Trick-or-treating with our playgroup friends! 

Happy halloween!!

Discovered snow... not such a big fan!

Poppy and Oma came for a visit!

Mommy finally finishes up the felt playhouse!


We went to NC to see Grandma Pam and Grandpa Greg for Thanksgiving!

North Dakota winter continued fiercely! 

We went to the Santa Fly-in at the squadron and waited in the freezing cold for Santa to land on a helicopter! 


Daddy's co-pilot! 

Sitting on Santa's lap- NO CRYING! He didn't mind at all! 


Our snowy house!

Our tree!

Christmas Eve service!

Christmas morning in the matching Pjs I made! 

Christmas morning! 

Well, that about wraps it up!! Sorry that was so long, but it was nice to look back!! Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to figure out how to add iphone pictures on here, which is a bummer, because alot of firsts for him were captured on my iphone, simply because it was handy! But I will work on that. 


J, C, & J


jenny said...


That was so great to look back on Jarvis first year of life. He is such a dear and so darn cute! Thank you for sharing all you and Jace went through even though some of it was difficult. I know you have many more blessings in your future! I feel so lucky that I have gotten to know you. You are such a neat person and friend. Blessings in the New Year!

Plane Jane said...

Thanks for posting- such a joy!! (ps: you can email the iphone pics to yourself, save them, then upload them like normal... all without "syncing" your phone to the computer)

Tori said...

That's a great year review!!! love it!! love all the pics as always!