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28 January 2011

Project 52 | Hard Decisions | Week 4

52: 4

motherhood is

hard decisions.

that sometimes your child doesn't like.



but is better for them in the long run.

This week, after seeing a pediatric occupational therapist for Jarvis' triphalangeal thumbs (see labels on the side for previous posts), she noted a slight deviation (curving) of his thumbs inward. Particularly on his right hand. So she sent us to the hand therapist and he is now fitted with the night splint you see above. Right now it's a testing period, we will check for any noticeable changes and evaluate where to go from here. We are in the process of getting a referral to a hand surgeon (most likely to Minnesota) to get a little more thorough check up.

He doesn't mind it that much really,
 he just wants to do is chew on it, which is fine, the splint is very hard...
except if the tape gets wet enough, the he can just pull it right off. 

Never been more glad he uses a paci at night!

(please ignore the yogurt on his face, he REFUSED to let me wipe it... 
pick your battles, right?)

PS: as a hobby photographer (with no plans to ever be professional!) I would love any advice or tips on how to improve!


1 comment:

Tori @ said...

poor baby! i'm not looking forward to watching my kid suffer for their own good....but that's parenting, right? :(